Monday, November 5, 2012

5 November 2012 Letter (Szolnok)

Monday, 29 October
First off, the coolest part of today: when we woke up, it was snowing; first snow of the season. That's today's miracle. During studies, I prepared tomorrow's training. I based it off of one of my earliest trainings of Promising Blessings. Later, I made a couple calls from the Area Book as Elder Hunnicutt and Csaba worked on designing a new flyer. Our night ended with Family Home Evening at the Branch House. I shared a spiritual thought focused around the story and symbolism of Lehonti.

Tuesday, 30 October
Early this morning we had an encounter with an investigator. We had a program scheduled, but he showed up and said he only had ten minutes, so we rescheduled after talking for five minutes. Two hours later we had district meeting. During our district meeting we decided on three district goals, and I gave my training. It was weird being the oldest there. It was also different to have half the Missionaries be Sisters, and to not have a Senior Couple almost acting as chaperones.  Later in our apartment we continued calling past investigators out of the Area Book. In the evening we had three programs. First was A. He already reads and prays daily which is wonderful. He's already half-way through Alma! We taught him the first half of the Plan of Salvation focusing on Adam and Eve. We challenged him to be baptized. He said the Elders had challenged him in the past, but he is from Yemen and would never be able to go home and his life could be in danger. I started touching on some of the baptismal interview questions, and he has a good knowledge of the lessons. More importantly he says he believes them to be true. He asked if it's possible to baptize him in secret. I'm still working on ideas for what we should do.  Next was Angolora. I taught the Halado class of six people. Usually I've liked Halado the least, but I have a good group here. Lastly we met with H. The program was short, but she committed to read and pray, as well as said she'll bring her daughter next time. Liking my Halado class is today's miracle.

Wednesday, 31 October
Today we were on splits with the Zone Leaders. My miracle is that I was with Elder Snyder, who I haven't really been around since the MTC. Our first program was with A. He had read the first 30 pages of the Book of Mormon. He actually didn't understand much, and had a lot of questions. We answered them the best we could. Csaba was also there to try to help. In the end we committed him to continue reading and begin praying daily. We didn't challenge him to be baptized (despite that challenging everyone on the first lesson was one of our district goals).  Elder Snyder and I made several Area Book calls as we had two phones, not just one like usual. We later went to Seminary, followed by being dogged by a member. So, we went and got pizza with the Sisters and Csaba. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 1 November
Today was the Day of the Deads and an Extended P-Day. This morning I spent organizing my notes and folders. Around 10:00 we met Csaba at the train station and then headed to Kecskemet. Once we arrived, we wandered the city with the Sisters. Sister Kennedy gave us a tour explaining several facts about many of the buildings and monuments. She is probably the most knowledgeable Missionary I've met concerning their familiarity with their city. Later, the Szolnok Sisters, MacKay and Christensen arrived. All seven of us went to the Sisters' apartment to celebrate Sister Christensen's birthday (today). Elder Hunnicutt, Csaba, and I had to remain in the hall, but we pulled chairs and a table into the hallway and played card games. Later we had lunch, cake, and more games in the hallway with the Sisters.  In the evening we went to the cemetery for the holiday. It was fun to see all the candles and flowers on the tombstones again. The miracle I found today is the quality of friends I had back home.

Friday, 2 November
We had two cancellations, so we made several phone calls and cleaned instead. In the evening we met with P. He met with the Missionaries once in the past. We reviewed the Restoration with him. However, he has his own religion, believing that every church is true. He said he will read the Book of Mormon, but will NEVER-ever come to Sacrament Meeting. Strangely, when I told him that we hope he will choose to be baptized in the future, he was completely silent.

Saturday, 3 November
Our one program today actually canceled then called back, rescheduling for a couple hours later. In the afternoon we met with them. We helped one of them move, cut, and stack several logs of wood. We got back just in time for the Halloween Party. When we walked in, Elder Hunnicutt and I were the only ones in costumes. Lame! We played games for a couple hours, and at the end, the two of us and three members were the only ones that stuck around to clean. My miracle today is that two people that I called out of the Area Book came to the Halloween Party. They also committed to coming to church tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 November
This morning we had a correlation meeting. With us having had nine programs this last week, compared to the one program the week before; we had a lot more to talk about. The two new investigators from last night came to Fast and Testimony Meeting. They also said they'll be coming back next week. After church we did studies, planning, and I'm starting to catch something, so I ended up taking a nap. We're already at the end of the second week of this transfer. Things are zooming by.

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