Monday, February 27, 2012

27 February 2012 Letter (Budapest)

Dear Family,

Right now there’s a big argument going on nearby.  The manager has even had to come out, and it sounds like he’s threatening to fire the front worker; and two people might end up getting thrown out of the place.  The Police just arrived.  Hopefully it doesn’t work its way in this direction.  Blaugh

Monday, 20 February
Today was my first P-Day in Buda.  We spent all day with Elders Mathews and Pendleton, and were joined by Elders Christensen and Anderson and Sisters Skiba and Mills for half of it.  We spent some time at the “West End” mall, and wandered around to other parts of Budapest.  My miracle today was a small, free Zoo we walked through on an island in the middle of the Duna.  In the evening we went emailing, and due to the events of the day and the new schedule, I had left my letters from last week back at the apartment so I couldn’t email as much….oops!

Tuesday, 21 February
Finished the “Teachings of Wilford Woodruff” today, but haven’t been able to find one for Lorenzo Snow; I’m not even sure it exists.  We made calls out of the old Finding Sheets for several hours.  Found one or two that might set up.  We also went tracting for two or three hours, but got nothing.  We tried going to a University to see about helping with English or any other opportunities, but that failed miserably.  My miracle today was finding over sixty Libraries in our II and XII District to try to contact to hold an Angolora class.  I narrowed down the list to the fifteen most promising, which we will contact tomorrow.  Last of all, I heard that Dad’s beard is coming back in full force.  I had not known.

Wednesday, 22 February
Well, the snow is all gone, as is our hope of teaching Angolora at a Library.  We managed to contact them all through calls or visits.  Only one granted us permission; but upon further inquiries and verification, we learned they only had a small room where we could seat up to three other people.  So, we might try holding some private lessons there, but I think we’ll try to organize a new Angolora on a different night at the Mission Home instead.  My miracle today was that Sister Smith invited and treated Elder Reese and me to dinner.  She’s very open, and I really enjoyed talking with her.

I have one last thing I’d like to record.  I’m not sure when the last time I wrote this was, but it’s been too long.  Perhaps I could try to blame it on my already saying it so often everyday to people while streeting or tracting; but in the end, that is no excuse, and is shameful that I haven’t written it “just one more time”.  So, enough with the slothful shame: The Church is true.  Jesus is the Christ.  The Book of Mormon and the Bible are his words.    God loves us.  The Plan of Salvation was made for each and every one of us.  We can all, any and every one, partake of eternal life.  Shall we not go on in so great a cause?  Let us arise, and shine forth; following our Captain, in the footsteps of the ancients.

Thursday, 23 February
Today we met with a man named A who we managed to set-up from the Area Book.  Like the Area Book said, we met with him; and he has a testimony; he’s read the Book of Mormon, as well as prayed about it; however, his wife and family have always been openly and aggressively against it.  To not cause too big of problems with his wife, he had told her this was the only time he would meet with us and mostly to say “Hello”.  So, we’re not quite sure how to get through, but we gave him a lot of reading material that he can learn from without us, hoping his family doesn’t confiscate or burn it.  We had also arranged one other program with another new person, but he dogged us.  We tried streeting for 2-3 hours, but it was a near failure with only a single email we managed to receive.

Today I came up with a short analogy comparing life to the seasons of the year.  When a new year is born, it starts partially through winter.  In this fresh state of our lives, things are white and simple; it is also harder to get places and we aren’t able to do as much as the other seasons and the rest of our lives.  We then advance to the next season: the Springtime of our Youth.  During this time, we begin to bud, grow, and develop.  This is the first time that individual color and variety begin to appear in the world.  Then comes Summer with its full days, often of intense heat.  Whereas in Spring the weather was a rolling, mild calm, and school was in session, people were learning and preparing; in Summer things are in full bloom.  School is over, and the entire day is open to work.  The public is often outside, and the world is often hot.  Then comes Fall, the retirement.  You begin to rest from your labors with age, and watch as a new school-year starts for the next generation.  Finally, last of all, the year ends with the second half of winter.  Like the winter of birth at the start of the year, things become more basic and simple.  You aren’t able to do as much, get around as fast, and the days are continually getting shorter with your going to bed earlier.  Until, at last, Winter, the year, and life ends.

I met the new senior couple going to Szekes: the Cromars.  Within a few moments of talking to him, I learned he went to Pleasant Grove High School, and told him I did the same.  I asked him if he knew my grandparents.  He said he knew both.  He also said something about Royal West, but I wasn’t familiar with that name.  Still, it was cool to talk to him.

My miracle today was having the opportunity to meet with A, even if his wife didn’t want us to.

Friday, 24 February
Today was Zone Conference and Interviews.  It was the first time that I didn’t have to travel for it.  It also seemed to go by quicker than usual.  President Baughman gave the training, focusing on Chapter Two in “Preach My Gospel”, which I really enjoyed.  I also thoroughly enjoyed Elder Saunder’s short training about our online resources.  I’m glad to see someone much more competent than I really working on it, trying to improve and spread it.  It’s already beginning to work.  Last of all and my miracle today: in the evening, Elder Reese and I were assigned to give the spiritual thought at Gofri Est.  While there weren’t any Gofri’s (waffles), it was really cool to have the chance to go.  There were 20 or so youth there, and I got to talk with a few of them.

Saturday, 25 February
This morning I slept through the alarm…oops!  Many more phone calls today, and we managed to schedule two more programs and possibly a third.  We went tracting for three hours again, but didn’t get a single number or let-in.  This evening was the first night for a “Waters of Mormon” class.  Only one investigator (for our entire district) showed up, but it went well.  My miracle was the last part, as we went around the circle and eight Missionaries (including myself) bore our testimonies.  Hopefully we made up for quantity with quality and really helped that investigator have a spiritually-uplifting experience.  We finished our evening with a meeting.  It’s past 11:00pm.  I’ve now slept in as well as stayed up late, so I’m going to go find sackcloth and ashes so that I can repent and go to bed.  Good Night!

Sunday, 26 February
Today was a crazy day for a Sunday.  I had a member come up to me before Sacrament Meeting and tell me that she brought a non-member friend, and wanted me to give him a Book of Mormon.  Now, having only been in this Ward for one Sunday, and only knowing about a generous 10% of the members, I automatically assumed the person she walked over to right after talking to me was her friend.  So, I did my Missionary duty, marched on over and began talking to him and offered him a Book of Mormon.  Those first five to ten seconds went fine until he said that he already had one, followed by “I’m a member.  I’ve been a member for 8 or 9 years.”  How do you respond to that?  The girl burst out laughing.  I awkwardly apologized; talked to him a little more to get to know him a little better, and then said it was great to meet him.  Then, the girl showed me whom she had brought.  The second try went much, much smoother.  The investigator seemed to really enjoy Church and Sacrament Meeting.  A fun miracle was that a member of the Stake Presidency came and spoke today, and right in the middle of his talk, he told everyone: “The Stake President has asked that we all feed the missionaries more.  Please feed them more often.  Invite them over to your houses; spend some time with them, and get to know them better.  You will feel more comfortable trusting your friends and family to people you know.”  Yes!  That was a very funny and nice thing to hear.  After Church, all the Missionaries, including myself, were asked to help with the Ward Choir.  Our choir will be singing at the end of the Open House for the Pest building next Saturday, and they needed the Missionaries to help and boost the number of men in the choir from 2 to 12 (to try to catch up to the women, and help it be more than just a duet).  So, we practiced singing Hungarian hymns for 2 ½ hours. Finally, I had the question come to me: “Why do Paul and some people say “Christ Jesus”?”.  The thought occurred to me that “Christ” is a title, while “Jesus” was His name; so it would be like Mr. Smith, Mrs. Anderson, Elder Shipp, Lord Cunningham, or Queen Elizabeth.  So, then the question arises, “Why do most of the Christian community say “Jesus Christ”?”  I’m still working on this one.

One week from Wednesday Elder Christofferson (of the Twelve) is coming.  I’ll get to hear him in a fireside as well as a conference he’s holding with our whole mission.  I’m looking forward to that!

Out of time.  Love you all!


Shipp Elder

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Monday, February 20, 2012

20 February 2012 Letter (Budapest)

Monday, 13 February
Today was a very long and surprising P-Day.  This morning we received transfer calls: Elder Molnar is going to be a Zone Leader in Gyor, and I'm opening up a new companionship area in Buda with Elder Reese.  The only things I've heard about it are that we're getting the Sisters' old apartment (which sounds promising, since Sisters often get nicer places than Elders), it had been a very dead area when missionaries were there in the past, and that we're starting from ground zero with no investigators or finds.  Our companionship here in Szekes is actually closing – no new missionaries are coming to replace us.  This is now the second area in-a-row that Elder Molnar has closed, and I'm going from closing a companionship to opening one.  The other Elders (Remy and Peterson) have mixed feelings.  They're going to be alone in the area, have to pull off the Book of Mormon Art Show alone, as well as Angolora and any other big projects they try to do.  However, they inherited our work, boosting them from five scheduled programs this week to 19.  So, they'll be busy this coming transfer.  There is also a new senior couple coming in a week or two to either Szekesfehervar or Veszprem.  Being here in Szekes is my miracle.  Today I spent emailing, followed by a visit to the Basilica.  I found out that the UPenn Men’s Fencing Team is undefeated 17-0 having beaten Penn State, making them the only undefeated Division1-A Fencing Team!  Way to go Penn!  We had two programs today.  The first was with the three girls.  We told them "Farewell" and had the other Elders join us in the program so we could hand them off.  K and N have continued to read and to pray, and both committed to come to Church this weekend.  We also met with L and passed him off.  His program was great and he said he really wants to be baptized.  We tried to arrange a baptismal date right there, but he said he wants to wait and think a little more before picking a specific date.

Tuesday, 14 February
Happy Valentine’s Day!  This holiday feels slightly stranger as a missionary; not too much though.  By 9:30 this morning I had finished packing; however, we need our apartment spotless, and our Area Book and Find Sheets filled out and organized and ready to give to the other companionship.  Elder Molnar and I went to a coin shop where I got some of the three previous currencies used in Hungary.  We also got pictures with the other Elders, and the sheep of Szekes.  We had two more farewells with our investigators, passing them off.  The first was I and his family, who we found out, was born in one of the new areas: Nagykanizsia.  The rest of his family still live out there along with many of his relatives, and he said he would be willing to give their information so that we could get them to the Elders going there as referrals.  We also saw R, who came in the evening to say goodbye.  The Branch threw a Farewell Surprise Part for F, who's moving to England.  The surprise part could've used some work.  At the party, most of the members found out that Elder Molnar and I are both leaving and were all disappointed about there only being two missionaries left.  Things will be interesting.  My miracle today was remembering and seeing so many of the investigators who I've taught and met with for the past several weeks.  Finally, something I learned during our second lesson with I, but never remembered to record, was that several years ago, he had two strokes that left him bed-ridden and partially paralyzed for some time.  After not too long though, he made a full recovery, and hasn't had any problems since.  He attributes the majority of his faith that there is a God who loves us to this major event in his life.

Wednesday, 15 February
I am now in Buda.  It is cold.  Our apartment, while large and pretty nice, hardly has anything in it.  The Sisters were under the impression that the apartment was going to be closed, so they took everything they could.  Also, the main heater doesn't work.  Luckily, our kitchen is nice and we have one of the best showers in the mission.  We are also within a 10 minute walk of the Mission Home.  Transfers went well.  I got to see a lot of familiar faces and talk with many Missionaries whom I had met before.  Elders Velasquez and Headrick are spending the night with me and Elder Reese before they head out to Nagykanizsia tomorrow morning.  That's about it.  We really are starting from scratch – no investigators, no Area Book, no programs, not even an Angolora Class.  My miracle today is my new companion, Elder Reese.  Last of all, it snowed incredibly hard today.  Worst snow yet.

Thursday, 16 February
Not much happened today.  Finished unpacking; took an incredible shower; still trying to figure everything out; got my new Bus and Metro Pass; and am trying to learn where things are.  We are in-charge of the II and XII Districts of Buda.  We spent some time trying to get a new Area Book, as well as planning out a new Angolora course.  We have our work cut out for us.  We went to the old Ujpest apartment (where I slept over in my first transfer with Elders Moffet, Molnar, and Braman).  It's a winter hurricane here.  It has lightened since yesterday, and it is still snowing most the time; and even when it's not snowing, the wind is strong enough to pick up the snow and make it look like it is.  My miracle today was trying a bunch of Bulgarian chocolate, left by Elder Nikolov.  Last of all, I had previously said there was no Hungarian accent.  To be more precise, there is no pitch-accent.  The only thing this language changes is unique sentence structure (word order), and mannerisms.  But sound-wise and pitch-wise, it's all the same.

Friday, 17 February
It is still snowing.  Today we had a District Meeting, set some goals for the transfer, and most importantly, received some records in an old Area Book.  Now we have a place to at least start from.  We also had our first program this transfer.  We met with a Kurd (Turkish) man named A.  He's from Elders Reese's and Nikolov's old companionship, so we'll need to hand him off to the Pest Elders in the near future.  Anyways, he speaks English and Hungarian very well; is a student at a nearby university, and is actually doing his thesis on Mormonism.  He would like to read the whole Book of Mormon before writing his thesis, and is already mostly through First Nephi.  He can't meet next week as he will be in Turkey for a while, but he agreed to meet Sunday evening, and, just as exciting, to bring us some real Turkish Delight when he returns.  My miracle tonight was a short tour, walking from near Parliament down past the Lion Bridge.  There are some amazing buildings and architecture here.

Saturday, 18 February
This evening we went on splits with Elders Lindelof and Christensen.  The other two went to a trade-over program with one of Elder Reese's investigators, while Elder Lindelof and I went to Kispest's "Fiatal Est".  They have a nice, big building, as well as way more youth than Szekes and Nyiregyhaza combined and doubled.  Also, this evening I saw a sign for a two-part Count of Monte Cristo musical.  I didn't know that existed.  My miracle today was that the snow finally stopped, and it was sunny and actually quite warm.

Sunday, 19 February
Today was my first Sunday in Buda.  It was a strange feeling to be in a big ward again; one that was over 3-4 times the size of the Szekes or Nyiregyhaza Branches.  We spent several hours making calls again.  In the evening we taught A.  He really is an open, kind, and happy guy.  He leaves for Turkey on Wednesday.  Elders Pendleton and Mathews came over for P-Day tomorrow.  My miracle today was our investigator (at least for a little while longer) Ali.

That's it for the blog.  We went walking around Budapest today, and stayed in a large group (a group of six other missionaries – eight of us total).  I'm a little short on time.  I'm enjoying my time here, and serving with Elder Reese.  We're getting along pretty well.   Talk to you all later.


Shipp Elder

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20 February 2012 Pictures (Budapest)

Monday, February 13, 2012

13 February 2012 Letter (Szekesfehervar)

Monday, 6 February
Not much happened today.  One program called and cancelled.  With the other, we went to their apartment, but no one was home.  We did hook the DVD player and TV up to the speakers in the chapel and watched "Tarzan".  It was the first time that I've seen it in several years.  It was great to have surround sound, and like "Mulan", it made me realize how amazing and ingenious the Disney Classics really were.  Great music too.  "Tarzan" and "Hercules" have always had my favorite Disney Songs: “Son of Man" and "I Can Go the Distance".  Anyways, that was my miracle today.

Tuesday, 7 February
Our only planned lesson today was with S, which went well.  We also met with L's mother and her boyfriend, as well as K; both of which were more "spur of the moment".  The first was very short and we scheduled to meet again Thursday.  The second program was the first time we taught K by herself.  It was great.  She swung by the Branch House on her own to see if we were there and could talk.  She was able to ask more personal questions during the encounter which she normally couldn't ask in our Saturday meetings with the other girls.  It was the best program we've had in a while, and at the end she said she would probably be okay being baptized.  Her two concerns are that she would like to learn more first, and she's a little afraid to talk to her parents about it.  To quote Nephi, "I have joy and great hopes for [her]."  Last of all, it's still snowing.  K's progress and the lesson was my miracle.

Wednesday, 8 February
Only one dog today.  We met with T for the second time and this time he brought his friend, P.  P's really cool and seems interested in the gospel.  I'm excited to see how it goes.  Apartment inspections were today, and we passed with flying colors.  We spent a couple hours in the evening making the borders and captions for all the pictures for the art show.  Once again no one showed up to Csaladi Est, even after we had been asked not to cancel it...whatever...I think we'll cancel it anyways.  Getting P as a referral was a miracle.  Referrals are really rare out here.  It was cool to get him from another investigator.

Thursday, 9 February
This morning we got up early to ride our bikes through the snow to go visit the M family.  They said they weren't coming to church this Sunday because it would be too cold, and will only come next week if it's warmer.  After watching the John Tanner and John Moyle stories, it really seems like such a whimpier excuse that they can't come because it's cold (especially after we biked out in the snow).  Our lesson with S went relatively well.  We watched the Restoration video.  My only problem was that after the video, he talked for 5-10 minutes about how cool, amazing, and wonderful it would be if the Restoration Film was in 3-D ...(That's not the point)... Anyways, the next program cancelled.  We then met with K and N and continued answering their questions.  Both are continuing to read and pray daily.  Our last lesson was with L, who is still incredibly interested in the Plan of Salvation.  He's really opening up to us.  After Angolora we watched “The Testaments”.  Half a dozen investigators stayed to watch the film (over 500 Trillion times more than there have been people (investigators and members) at activities in the past 2-3 weeks, literally).  That was today's miracle.  After the film, L approached us, said he's like to tell us some things, said he'll come to church, and that he'd like to begin meeting twice a week, rather than just once.  P.S.  One last thing I've never written.  Some missionaries come back with an accent, however, there is absolutely no such thing as a Hungarian accent.

Friday, 10 February
We taught B the Plan of Salvation this morning.  The lesson was followed by a two-hour discussion with A and I.  Next time, we've invited T to help it go a bit smoother as well as quicker.  A program cancelled.  We met with L and conversed about our Heavenly Father's Love; then, the miracle, three people (members) showed up to Gyuli Buli.

Saturday, 11 February
Today we met with T and P a second time.  My miracle today was having P commit to attending Sacrament Meeting, as well as, getting two more referrals from T.  The one thing I'd like to help them with next time is prayer.  P said a truly beautiful closing prayer.  We met with K and N to teach them the third lesson.  It was fairly...’interesting’; at first as they told us they were going to go party from 5:00pm to 6:00am.  However, even with the situation, they'd still read, we had a great lesson on Faith, Repentance, and Baptism, and even committed K to come to Church.  While we couldn't get the two of them to promise not to drink, K promised to "drink less" so she'd still be able to come.  We ended our day with a "Poem Day" for Valentine's Day in Angolora that I organized and led, followed by an interesting meeting.

Sunday, 12 February
Transfers are tomorrow.  My guess is that Elder Molnar will leave, but I'm not sure.  We'll see tomorrow.  Today was another five hour day at church.  My miracle was that, despite having partied until 6:00am and getting only two hours of sleep and being slightly hung over, K kept her promise and came to our 9:00 Sacrament Meeting.  Elder Molnar and I were impressed.  Half the members of the Branch swarmed and welcomed her.  It was awesome!  Despite today being the warmest day this week and it being beautiful weather, and their concern/excuse having been the cold, the M family never came to church.  The last thing I have for today is that we met with A and I again, with T this time, and it went a lot smoother.

Sok Szeretettel,

Shipp Elder

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13 February 2012 Pictures (Szekesfehervar)

At the Branch House... 

Elder Shipp & Elder Molnar

Monday, February 6, 2012

6 February 2012 Letter (Szekesfehervar)

Monday, 30 January
We finally met with K today for the first time in forever.  He still doesn't have a job, and has had more than one person say that the reason they didn't hire him is because he's in his fifties.  He's still really stressed about what he's going to do.  Our other program was with I.  In the past day and a half, he's read nearly 50 pages of the Book of Mormon; (more than any other of my investigators, except possibly Z in Nyiregyhaza).  His girlfriend and son also joined us for the hour and a half that we were there.  The two programs were my miracles today.

Tuesday, 31 January
Today, our only program was with L.  She still knows the doctrine and the gospel just as well as always.  I really wish there were more girls in Hungary like her.  In the afternoon, I went on splits with Elder Peterson so that we could go to the internet place and prepare as much as we could for the Book of Mormon Artshow.  My miracle today was that I tried my first Kinderegg.

Wednesday, 32 January (Nealy Day)
So last transfer, while Elder Nealy was here, he talked about how Martin Luther King and Columbus both got their own days, and asked why he couldn't have his own day.  The result was "January 32", also known as "Nealy Day".  We created an extra day just for him, and we all formalized him today.  (That was today's miracle).  With only one program at 4:00, with I and his family again, we spent the early afternoon streeting our way out to the large TESCO, to look for a table.  While they did not have a good table, I did pick up some Oreo Milka, and a pocket-size version of "RummyCube".  Still no luck locating "Ladybaby".  On the way back we stopped by the best Pekseg in all of Szekes.  Our lesson with I and A went well, and they said they'll come to the Buli on Friday and will definitely come to Church on Sunday, bringing their son and daughter as well.  Things are continuing to go great with them.  I read another 8-10 pages.  We finished our day with a long meeting.  Only one person showed up at Csaladi Est again.  I think it's past time to cancel it.  I'm tired.  Happy Nealy Day!

Thursday, 2 February
So, first off, it has been several weeks since we've met with F, so we swung by her apartment.  We had tried calling her multiple times during the past two weeks, but she hadn't answered.  Even when we knocked on her door, still nothing.  We have no idea what happened to her.  Later in the day, we went to put an advertisement in the newspaper and the person we talked to last time recognized us, and told us she still had our ad for Angolora (which she sure did, posted on her bulletin board), and that she and her daughter would be coming tonight (which they indeed did).  It was cool to see them both come and would be very nice if we built a good relationship with her and the marketing department.  We met with a new man from Angolora, L.  Due to his mother's passing-away when he was just eleven, he's always had a fear of death (he's thirty now).  Anyways, the Plan of Salvation and eternal families has been a great way to start.  Now, for three miracles, and two baptisms...R met with us today, and we set up a Baptismal Date in May (on the 12th), as her class finishes the end of April, and we told her we would like to wait until she can come to church again.  Her response was a stunning surprise.  She asked if she were to find a way to make it to church in Kispest, if it would be possible to move her baptismal date forward to March?  We very, very happily answered "yes".  It feels great to finally have a date for her to aim for.  The second baptism miracle is that on this past Saturday, Nyiregyhaza received a new member.  M was finally baptized.  Last of all, on the inside of one of the Dove wrappers my family sent me for Christmas was a quote that said, "Happiness is celebrating the little things."  It's been good for me to look for and record my daily miracles.  I've found it to be a way to help keep in mind those "things which matter most".

Friday, 3 February
This morning we met with a new investigator, T.  He's meeting for half English, half gospel, and it is hard to see yet where it will go.  We also met with B and G, both of which went well but not the best.  More planning probably could've helped.  Because they are two of the people we've met with the longest, I think we may have relaxed and slackened ourselves.  In the evening we hosted a movie and pizza night.  Half of what we were expecting, and a fourth of what we had hoped, showed up.  We won't be doing that again.  My miracle today was finding a way to use a broom handle and weight to make a good practice weapon.

Saturday, 4 February
It snowed all of today.  Something I forgot to write was that yesterday it was 15 degrees (F) and windy.  So, it's been cold.  We met with S this morning and finally began teaching him.  Every time I see him (multiple, 2-3 times a week), he expresses his great desire to be re-baptized.  I really am looking forward to teaching him more.  I believe it will be a great experience, and that he really is trying to do everything he can to repent and change.  After his program, Elder Molnar and I biked out in the snow for almost two hours to try to find a new table, but were unsuccessful.  In the evening, we taught Angolora.

Sunday, 5 February
Our only program dogged today, causing us to just barely miss "Standard".  Church was crazy long, five hours total, due to meetings before and after.  My miracle today was spending our lunch break going around the Belvaros taking pictures with the other Elders.  There really is a lot of history here.  That's all today.

Well, next time I email I'll have received the call for next transfer.  I think I'll stay and Elder Molnar will leave.  Rumors once again say otherwise.  We'll see what happens.

Sok Szeretettel,
Shipp Elder

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6 February 2012 Pictures (Szekesfehervar)