Monday, November 26, 2012

26 November 2012 Letter (Szolnok)

Monday, 19 November
This evening we spent 3 1/2 hours cutting and tying blankets to give to a hospital and orphanage.  My miracle today is my Dad.  Last night I bragged about my Heavenly Father, but my Father here on Earth has also given me so much.  He gave me life.  He's always been a great provider and an even better example.  He's loved my Mother as she deserves and has taught me many things in life.  He's always been a worthy priesthood holder, a covenant keeper, and the head of our home.  Isn't he a great Dad too?

Tuesday, 20 November
One dog and one cancellation today.  This morning we met with I.  We talked about Repentance for most of the lesson, but finished by talking about Abortion and Marriage.  We recommitted him to come to Church and learned that this week's Sunday School lesson will be on Marriage.  Perfect.  After the program we went with the Sisters to meet with the principal of the school where we teach.  It looks like we are going to continue teaching there.  In addition to the principal coming to the classes for the next week or two to make sure the students behave, we received permission to post anything we'd like on the bulletin board as well as bring up religious subjects within the classes.  (It sounds like this is a private school, not a public school).  Later we had a program with Z.  We talked about Faith and Repentance.  We found out his date went well and he got a job as a basketball referee (in addition to being a waiter).  He too recommitted to come to Church.  In the evening was Angolora, during which I taught the fourth and fifth Articles of Faith.  My miracle today is how the Gospel and Church have blessed my family.  I've grown up in the Church, being a member all my life, but it hasn't prevented me from seeing the differences it makes in family life.

Wednesday, 21 November
Someone dogged us for the third time today.  We had a cancellation as well.  We taught two classes at the school today.  It was a huge help having the principal there.  The students paid much more attention.  During the two classes our main topics were Families, Thanksgiving, and Love.  In the evening we had Seminary.  In other news, Elder Hunnicutt still cooks for the two of us on occasion.  (However, he and his cooking still haven't even begun to gain a glimpse of catching up to Mom).  Today's miracle is that missionary work and the Gospel are not at all new.  This is the restored Church of Jesus Christ, not the new Church of Christ.

Thursday, 22 November (Thanksgiving!)
One dog today.  We met with J today.  (E was away babysitting two of their grandchildren).  With J we discussed the Restoration.  He doesn't currently care to attend any kind of organized church meetings, however, he did teach us how to make nokedli (Hungarian noodles.  Not half as important, but kind of cool).  He has already read the first eight chapters of the Book of Mormon too.  After, we went directly to meet with B and Z.  Z is continuing to make commitments about praying, reading, and coming to church.  We also taught him the Word of Wisdom.  In the evening we went tabling with the Sisters.  Unfortunately, we didn't find anyone interested tonight.  My miracle today is Thanksgiving and gratitude.  I wish Thanksgiving, a holiday of gratitude "one of the noblest of virtues," was more widespread.  I'm thankful I'm able to be here.  While I'm sure I would've had a much fancier dinner if I were back home, it is worth being out here.  Yes, my Mission is worth more than pumpkin pie and I am grateful for it!

Friday, 23 November
This morning we caught an early train to Szeged.  At today's Zone Training I gave the Language Tip.  I'm almost the oldest in our Zone (only Elder Velasquez is older).  There were absolutely no announcements about transfers.  However, there were several announcements about new rules, such as wearing our suits every single day until next summer.  After the training, we began splits with the Zone Leaders.  Elder Hunnicutt remained in Szeged, while Elder Velasquez and I returned to Szolnok.  We had three cancellations today.  We still managed to meet with P.  We spoke of faith and the role of the Church.  It was nice to have Elder Velasquez there, and to teach with someone older than me.

Saturday, 24 November
One cancellation today.  We split back late morning and had a program with Zeno.  We talked about Baptism and the Church.  We challenged him to baptism, but he said he needs a little time and will give us an answer next week.  We tried our best to explain that we'd like to set a date out in the future to work towards, and that we'd be with him all along the way.  After, we went straight to meet with Z.  We found her off a finding sheet, streeted once 3 years ago.  We managed to have a program.  She has an apartment full of cats, and thinks the world will end on December 21.  Yet, since she last encountered the missionaries she has completely read through the Book of Mormon, cover-to-cover.  She also accepted nearly every commitment and challenge we offered.  (Not baptism, unfortunately).  The program and new investigator ended up being quite the surprise.  At the end of our evening we had a music night at the Branch House.  Hardly anyone came.  Z called to tell us he's been called in to work tomorrow morning and can't come to Church.  Elder Hunnicutt has been exhausted and crawled into bed to fall asleep before 8:00.  I found out my third suitcase has finally made it to Papa.  Now I just need to get it here!  My miracle today is our living prophets and apostles.  When meeting with Z, one of my main points in saying that the world is not going to end next month was that our Church leaders would've warned us.  There's no way the world could change too much or be destroyed without us being forewarned by the prophet.  It simply will not happen.

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