Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Tuesday, 21 August
Not much for today.  Shopped, emailed, studied, and tried to find new investigators.  I was able to find out that Elder Alldredge and I biked over 33 miles yesterday.  For a miracle, I haven’t gotten sick in a long time.

Wednesday, 22 August
I have lots to write about today.  We finally met with I after four weeks of trying to set up.  He loves to talk, and it was interesting to listen because he mostly talked about his six years in Africa.  While he’s read parts of the Book of Mormon in the past, he believes that the way to Peace is through brotherhood and friendships that every society needs to form; that Churches aren’t necessary, but exist to assist in that purpose.  We also met with Z again.  Finally!  During the past three weeks he has been sure to pray every day (every evening), and has read out of the Book of Mormon about every other day.  We had to push back his baptismal date, but he wants to continue investigating and we laid out a plan for the rest of the Missionary Lessons.  The other Elders were in Budapest today, so Elder Alldredge taught the Profi class and I taught Kezdo.  In the evening, we met with K and his wife.  They are both members, and K served a Mission.  We ate dinner with them (fruit soup, rokott krumpli, and apple pie), and shared the story of Naaman.  Neither of K’s parents are members; they aren’t interested in learning about the Church, but said we’re always welcome to come and visit.  In the end, they’re all pretty awesome and really friendly.  Today’s miracle is patience and persistence.  I first contacted I, as well as K’s Mother, back on July 21 and have been trying to meet since.  Also, the last time we had met with Z was July 31.  It’s taken a long time to finally meet, but it was worth it.  Finally, a funny story:  today Elder Alldredge bought a container of sour cream and started eating it.  Within a spoonful or three he realized it didn’t quite taste much like yogurt.  Doh! 

Thursday, 23 August (9 Months left; start of the Savaria Carnival!)
Today, like yesterday, will also be a big entry.  This morning we went over to K’s (the woman whose daughter lives in Provo), and had lunch with her.  Like last time, she was super kind and we had a nice visit.  She prays but hasn’t read the Book of Mormon, so we gave her a challenge to read two parts and told her we’d like to watch the Restoration Film next time.  She sent us home with a bunch of leftovers.  In the evening we went to two home teaching appointments with C.  We visited A first, and C shared a lesson on the Holy Ghost.  We then met with B.  B was baptized three years ago, but has become inactive since then.  With her, we all talked about faith.  She is in charge of the Relief Society lesson in two weeks.  Hopefully with that, she’ll start coming back to church.  In the evening, we barely made it back in time to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Savaria Carnival in the Foter.  They had a small squad marching in Roman Armor.  A fire magician and fire dancer performed and handed a torch off to the Mayor dressed as a Roman senator and he lit the beacon.  Afterwards, a band and dance group performed a series of various Jazz and Latin routines.  While there, we met K and R and stood with them throughout the show.

Friday, 24 August
Today started with District Meeting.  I gave training on “Teaching Patterns” and we set a District Goal to challenge any investigator we meet to Baptism.  On the way back, Elder Alldredge’s tire popped.  In the afternoon, we went to some parts of the Savaria Carnival.  We tried going to the Ruin Garden but nothing was set up yet, so we went and looked at shops in and around the Foter.  I made two of my own metal souvenirs and bought my first whip (it’s white).  Our only program cancelled.  We stopped back by the Ruin Garden where they had a talent show and slave auction.  Our day ended with Csaladi Est, playing soccer.  My miracle today was a thought on Pride.  It came to me today that whenever anyone is unwilling or hesitant to make a change for the better, it will be a problem with Pride.  While there may be other excuses given or presented, in the end, the refusal to change or improve will have Pride as its source.

Saturday, 25 August
One dog and one cancellation today.  We got Elder Alldredge’s bike back this morning.  For our language study and lunch break, we went to the Historical Theme Park.  While there, we saw mounted cavalry archers, medieval artillery, dozens of fight reenactments, and the “Great Gladiator Games.”  We had time to look around more of the stands, find some bracelets, pouches, and Elder Alldredge bought the nicest whip we could find.  In the evening for Fiatal Est we all went to the parade.  We went over half an hour early to find our favorite spot and to be right up front.  The parade was really fun to watch and an hour long.  We saw K and his Dad in the band.  My favorite part was an impromptu battle between the Crusaders and the Nomads right in front of us (within a foot at times).  Elder Alldredge and I are both sunburned.  My miracle was that I was able to serve and be here during the three days of the year at the same time of the Savaria Carnival.  If I was anywhere else, I would have missed it completely.  The Savaria Carnival really was one of the neatest and most unique events I've had (and probably will have) on my mission.

Sunday, 26 August
No investigators came to church today.  We don’t have many programs planned for this next week.  In the afternoon we left to Budapest.  We are at the mission home right now so we can be here in the morning for Greenie Training.  My miracle is that it rained all of today and not yesterday or Friday during the Carnival.

Monday, 27 August
Greenie Training was today.  Ten of the trainers, me included, went and played basketball.  Right off the bat I jammed my ring finger.  It’s colored and swollen now.  Today President Smith shared our story of finding K.  He also made several new announcements about rules concerning the internet.  On the way home we all made it – no one missed the train this time.  When we got back to Szombathely, we found that all four of our bikes, along with all the other bikes locked outside the train station overnight, had their tires slashed!  We all need to get all our tires replaced.  My miracle for the day is that I’m lucky to have received and to be training Elder Alldredge.

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28 August 2012 Pictures (Szombathely)

Before the Savaria Carnival.

The Romans Coming through the Arch.

A War Reenactment in the Historical Theme Park.

For a time, I was part of both the Army of God and the Roman Centurion Army

Making my own souvenirs!

A view of how crowded things were all around and in the Foter.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21 August 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Monday, 13 August
Today the four of us went to Koszeg, a small little city just a short train ride north of here.  There we walked all around the town.  The two highlights were the Jesus’ Heart Cathedral and a Castle.  It was at the Koszeg Castle that the Turkish invasion was halted and, eventually, repulsed.  It is in memorial to those events that the Savaria Carneval will be celebrated at the end of this month.  During our trip to the town, I took almost 100 pictures.

Tuesday, 14 August
One thing I haven’t really included in any past entries is that since President Smith replaced President Baughman, there have been several changes.  Some examples include rules on iPods, P-Days, Super P-Days, an increase in District size, District splits, and District meetings; and a reduction of Zone Leader and AP splits, trainings, and Zone Conferences.  Today we had a really empty day (up to 8 hours of finding).  We spent an hour cleaning our apartment.  I made 13 phone calls and we streeted and tracted for five hours, but we didn’t get a single program or find out of any of the three. 

In the evening we looked up a house where Elders Headrick and Remy quickly gave a woman a Book of Mormon two transfers ago.  Elder Alldredge and I biked out there and the woman that answered the door asked if we were Mormon and excitedly let us in.  In short, and in no particular order: they were super kind; the woman and her husband owned one of the two biggest houses I’ve been to in Hungary; only the wife was there at first, her husband later joined us; I also got to talk with their daughter for 5-10 minutes on the phone; the daughter has lived in Provo for three years; the parents have visited her there, and the Mom loves Utah, said that everyone was super kind and sincere, that the families are beautiful, and at one point said that after Szombathely, Provo is her favorite place in the world; she said she’s kept an eye out for Missionaries for over a year but has never seen any; the daughter has met (still meets with) the Missionaries, and the Mom knows a good amount about our Church; all three are open; the parents committed to start praying and reading out of the Book of Mormon; both the mother and the daughter offered to relay any messages to our families, and the mother offered us use of her iPad to text, email, or Skype our families if we ever want to in the future (not really possible, but still a really kind offer); also, lastly, the husband and wife said we are welcome to come over anytime.  Awesome!  Now, for the miracle of it all: as I said, or wrote, earlier the wife “said she’d kept an eye out for Missionaries…but has never seen any.”  They didn’t have a Book of Mormon, but accepted one and committed to read from it.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, the miracle is that we went to the wrong house!  We chose one house, just one out of thousands, trying to get to one, but went to a different one, and had an encounter better than we ever would have imagined.

Wednesday, 15 August
Another empty day.  We got dogged twice.  Went streeting, and got one find for a mother of two; but she actually lives in Pest, so I got to pass all her information off to Elder Headrick.  We also had plenty of time to go tracting.  We got one let-in; however, it was with a very scientific woman (almost atheist) who was very set in her ways.  Angolora was tonight.  Only one person in my class, and only three total.  My miracle is that our trials in life always cause reflection, and reflection is always necessary.  In addition, I had one idea for somewhere to go today; however we questioned it a little at first, and later, when the time came, we completely and entirely forgot it and could not think of it at all, even to the point where it became pointless and impossible to try.  I have taken that to be a fulfillment of the patterns of the Holy Ghost and the stuttering of minds it can cause when we follow false ideas.

Thursday, 16 August
Two cancellations today.  All of these dogs and cancellations recently have been frustrating.  However, we still had three programs with members today, all of which were feeding programs.  This morning we went over to X’s and I’s to help mow their lawn and weed.  After we finished they fed us lunch.  1 ½ hours later, Elder Alldredge and I ran over to K’s.  She also had a very large snack for us as we shared our object lesson.  Immediately after K’s program, we went over to have dinner with T and her parents.  It was the first time I’ve tried langos’s.  My first one wasn’t as great as I was accidently told that the salt was sugar.  The rest were much better.  I’m really tired tonight.  My miracle today is Hungarian history.  I learned the names of the chiefs of the original seven tribes that inhabited this land back during the time it first became a country: Almos, Elod, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, and Tohotom.

Friday, 17 August
I’m in Sopron right now and am on splits with my second cousin, Elder Bowen.  Jumping back to this morning, Elder Alldredge and I took a 7:00 train to Gyor, arriving over an hour before the Zone Training started.  So, we took that time exploring Gyor; finding the Belvaros, a castle/monastery, an obelisk; went on a river walk; then made our way to the Branch House.  This afternoon we had our first “Zone Training.”  While I much prefer “Zone Conference”, the shorter Training does leave more time for us to get back to our areas and work.  After the training (which was on Prayer), we began our splits.  Elder Bowen and I made it to Sopron in good time arriving around 3:00.  It was nice as it gave us enough time to go streeting, tracting, and take part in the Branch activity, each for nearly two hours.  The apartment in Sopron is huge and is super nice.  It is far bigger than any I’ve served in.  It is also on the fifth floor of a building, so it has a nice view.  Also, the Branch House is located on the third and fourth floors of that same building.  My miracle today is that the way we see and feel about our Missions reflect the way we see and feel about God and His work.  I have felt good about my Mission so far; my progress and success, both outside and inside.

Saturday, 18 August
This morning we postponed the train ride to split back until the afternoon, to give me and Elder Bowen, as well as Elders Alldredge and Abrok, time to study together.  Upon splitting back, Elder Alldredge and I received permission to go with the other Elders and a member to a soccer game here against the team from Gyor.  In the end if finished 0-0, which is by far my biggest problem with soccer: no one ever scores!  In the evening we played dodgeball for Fiatal Est.  Missionary work is going to be dead this coming week: Monday is August 20, one of the two biggest National Holidays; Thursday night to Sunday night is the Savaria Carneval, which is even bigger; and this whole week is the last week of summer before school starts and is predicted to be hot and sunny the whole week.  My miracle today is that I have decided to take a break from my MP3 Player and Ensigns, and give myself more time for silent meditation and to read the Book of Mormon.

Sunday, 19 August
Nothing special today.  Went to Church, did weekly planning, dinner at Szvobodas’, and made some calls.  Could not get a single program scheduled.  No one is willing to meet this week.  My miracle is that the ordinance of the Sacrament was more reverent and more spiritual today.

Monday, 20 August
Today was a Super P-Day, since it was also one of the two biggest national holidays.  Elder Alldredge and I left our apartment by 8:00 this morning and began biking out to various castles.  We did not return until 2:00.  First was one in Vep.  It had nice grounds, being surrounded by a peaceful forest; although, it did have a lot of bugs.  Something interesting about the castle is that it was actually located on a college campus.  The building itself was really similar to the one at Szabadkigyos near Bekescsaba.  Our second stop was Ikervar.  However, it was surrounded by a gate and walls, which were shut.  There are currently a couple rich families living there, and, while it was really big; the walls prevented us from getting any pictures or walking around it.  Sarvar was the highlight of the day.  It was a big, real, medieval-looking castle (similar to Koszeg and Gyula).  While it’s generally closed every Monday, we were able to get in thanks to the holiday.  While there, I bought some pieces of lapis and apatite.  On the way back we tried going to Vasszecseny, where we learned our map was inaccurate and that we’d need another hour detour to see the castle there (which we were too tired to do).  Some other notes about the trip are that in each town and village we visited or passed through, there were dozens of men and women dressed up going to church to celebrate Szent Istvan (Saint Stephen) who was the King that allowed Christianity within the country.  Elder Alldredge and I returned tired and sunburned.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that today became windy and we were pedaling straight into the wind the whole way back.  When we got back, the other Elders came over and we just lounged around and lazied away the rest of the day.  Out of all the Missionaries I’ve ever served with or around, only Elder Vandermark and Elder Reese really liked to travel and go see things on P-Day’s.  I’m looking forward to getting to email tomorrow.  My miracle was getting to ride through the Hungarian countryside today.  We saw storks (haven’t seen them since leaving Bekescsaba), tens of thousands of yellow Sunflowers, literally several to dozens of millions of pumpkins, and a drinking fountain (not at all common here in Europe).


Shipp Elder

21 August 2012 Pictures (Szombathely)

Koszeg Belvaros

The Gyor Castle/Monastery
(We don't know which.  People were telling us both).

Having fun at a soccer game

The game ended in a 0-0 tie

Sarvar Castle

A Sunflower Field!

On the Grounds of Vep Castle

Monday, August 13, 2012

13 August 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Monday, 6 August
Our District of four played card games for most of the day.  My miracle today is that as far as Missionaries go, I’ve been very successful, healthy, and creative in my cooking.  Out of my six companions here in the field, only Elder Reese regularly made more than five different meals (counting cereal and bread with cheese).  Elder Alldredge is going to be a tough one to help.  I hope my wife and family appreciate this one day.

Tuesday, 7 August
Two dogs today.  Lots of studies.  I’ve found that I’m spending twice as much money since I got Elder Alldredge.  Our only successful program was with A.  We had dinner with her and shared an object lesson on the Apostasy.  Made a lot of calls today.  The seat on my bike broke.  I had to ride it standing up since this afternoon.  My miracle is that this is the first time I’ve been so excited to go to the Dentist.  I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 8 August
Four different events today.  We met with a new investigator named B.  We met in the Foter (town square) for only about 20-25 minutes.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t too interested and I don’t think we’ll be seeing her again soon.  I got my bike seat fixed, so now I can ride sitting down again.  Finally made it to the Dentist.  They polished and whitened my teeth, took three x-rays, and didn’t find any fractures, cracks, or cavities, or other damage.  And, that was it.  I was a little surprised they didn’t add some sort of cap or filling to my tooth or grind it down a little so it wasn’t so sharp.  Oh well.  At least things weren’t worse.  That was today’s miracle.  At Angolora tonight I had my largest class yet since coming here.  There were five that came, three of which were new.  Elder Alldredge shared a short spiritual thought at the end on the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, 9 August
Today I was on splits with Elder Haws.  In the morning I planned out and put together the schedule and my training for tomorrow’s District Meeting.  Elder Haws and I made it tracting for a while and talked to three people for a decent time and got one let in.  Our only program was with K.  We were there for over two hours.  However, we went with one of her Home Teachers and during that time did home teaching, shared a message of our own, and got her to bear testimony herself for half an hour.  The Zone Leaders are here for a blitz and District Meeting tomorrow.  My miracle today is that Elder Bullock and Elder Alldredge, while on splits found a very interested investigator.  We’re hoping he comes to church on Sunday.

Friday, 10 August
Today I was on splits with Elder Wiborny, who is definitely the oldest Missionary in the Mission.  He has been here longer than any other Missionary, including Senior Missionaries, and our Mission President.  It was great to get to talk and work with him.  This morning we had our District Meeting.  There were ten of us there.  I led the meeting and gave a 45 minute training on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of both missionary work and the gospel.  I then tied it into all the various blessings we can promise investigators which we role-played.  Elders Alldredge, Clevel, Wiborny, and myself split up and went tracting for 4 hours, during which we were only able to get one phone number…ouch.  We also had two cancellations.  At Csaladi Est, two members and one investigator came.  My miracles are that I discovered and explored the Branch House attic and that I am starting to memorize more parts of my quote book.

Saturday, 11 August
There were a couple events today.  We got dogged twice, so we had lots of time to go streeting and tracting.  Also today was the District Talent Show, made up of members form Szombathely, Sopron, and Papa.  Or, at least it would have been except that no one from Papa came and only one from Sopron attended.  My miracle today is that my companion is courageously and aggressively expanding his talents and abilities.  He lit a stove for the first time yesterday, and today was his first time lighting an oven.

Sunday, 12 August
President Smith and his wife attended and spoke in church today.  Even more exciting, Z came.  This is one habit we need to establish for him to be baptized.  After church I made phone calls for 1 ½ hours, but almost no one is able to meet this week.  I also had time to review a few of the Ensigns I’ve read.  There are so many Ensigns!  Each year the Ensigns published are, together, hundreds of pages longer than the Book of Mormon, and we have several years, even a couple decades, of Ensigns.  In the evening we had dinner with the S family.  My miracle is that in Sunday School we talked about talents.  I’m so grateful for the many talents that I have received.

Sok Szeretettel,

Shipp Elder

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13 August 2012 Pictures (Szombathely)

Three Generations
Elders Moffett, Shipp, Alldredge

The Szombathely Elders and the Smiths

Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Monday, 30 July
Transfer calls came this morning. Summarized, Elder Bullock and I are indeed both training here in Szombathely. Elder Loveday is leaving to Tatabanya, and Elder Headrick is going to Pest. Elders Rosen and Swett are both Branch Presidents, and Elder Reese is the new AP. So, I will be receiving a Greenie. I’ve always wanted the chance to train on my Mission; it’s just weird to think it’s actually happening.  Elder Headrick and I ran several errands, going to seven shops. My miracle today is transfer calls. In two days, I will be with a brand new Missionary, fresh out of the MTC.

Tuesday, 31 July
We had four programs today. First was with Z again. We reviewed Priesthood power, Apostasy, and Baptism. During the program, he accepted a Baptismal Date for September 15! Yay! I really would love for this to go through. Program #2 was with N - a member who fed us lunch because Elder Headrick is leaving. We shared a short spiritual though on Mosiah 2 and service. Third was A. We spoke about families and eternal marriages, and she gave us a large snack. Last was J. He leaves tomorrow for America. We went to say good-bye, thank you, and best of luck. Tomorrow I’ll get a Greenie. It’ll also be my last chance to see Elders Molnar, Moffett, and Vandermark in the Mission Field. It’s going to be a very, very big day. My miracle today is that J also fed us, leaving us with two feeding programs today.

Wednesday, 1 August
Today was a long day. My companion and I got up at 4:30 this morning. Our train left at 6:00. J and L took the same train as us, which was cool. We arrived in Budapest around 9:05 and were there 45 minutes earlier than any other Missionary. At 11:00 was the training for the Trainers. At 12:30 was the Sorting Hat Meeting, with all 28 of us (Trainers + Greenies). I received my new companion, Elder Alldredge. I’m excited to serve with him and will write more about him in a day or two. After that meeting, we began the third meeting for the District Leaders. There are a lot of changes being made. We will see what fruits they bring.  All seven of my companions were there today. I got pictures with each of them, but wasn’t able to get one with all of them at once. I did however get a three generation picture with my Dad - Elder Moffett, and my Son - Elder Alldredge. It was hard to believe that today was my last time seeing the 13 dying Missionaries for the next year (or longer). They’re gone. It’s so crazy. Half the missionaries I know, my brothers, are going home. In addition, I’m now in the oldest 33% of the mission.  I finished my day with a crazy story for me, my Greenie, and a final laugh to the departing Missionaries from me. Due to conflicting metro and train times, we took a train back to Szombathely with the Gyor Elders. We were cutting it close, and I ended up buying tickets for the six of us. As we were loading all the luggage, the train began to roll out. We got all the suitcases on and all the Elders… except me! The door closed automatically right in front of my face. There was a railroad worker in the back where we were getting on, and he tried hitting a button and yanking on the door to get it open (I could see and hear him yanking and punching the button), and I ran alongside for a while, but it wouldn’t open. So, I was left alone and the other Elders were missing half their tickets. Well, all that I could do was laugh. I called Elder Moffett to let all of their group know what happened so they could laugh too; got on the next train, and arrived 2 hours after the other group. There were only 3 of us (passengers) on the 11 cars. While I was using the bathroom a worker took my suit thinking someone had lost it, but I was able to run and find her. I didn’t get back until 11:30. My miracle today is the great shift in the Mission. Out with the old, in with the new; goodbye to 14, hello to another 14. Also, it’s a good thing I was left and not my Greenie - especially since he wouldn’t have his bags/money or a phone (in addition to the language barrier). That would’ve been an even crazier first day for him. What a crazy way some of us start off (and could start off) our Missions.

Thursday, 2 August
We started our day with studies and giving Elder Alldredge time to unpack. We also went shopping, and then had even more studies (as we are now asked to get at least 4 hours every day). We had only one program which was with P. It went really well. Elder Alldredge was able to ask him some good questions, and, while he only wanted to learn out of the Bible we were able to have a good lesson. The highlight was talking about how we cannot love what we do not know. P loves that saying and I applied it to reading the Book of Mormon. In the end we not only scheduled another program, but Elder Alldredge successfully committed him to read one verse out of The Book of Mormon each day.  After his program, I found four dentists and scheduled an appointment with the one I liked most for Wednesday (the soonest possible slot). I felt really uneasy about my tooth and know that it needs to be taken care of ASAP, as in one day my mother, President Smith, and a member all told me I should get it looked at or it might fall out, with a fourth, another member, telling me the next day. I am convinced that if I don’t act fast, then it really will fall out later down the road. I pray otherwise.  Our district went to Boston so our Greenies could try some Pekseg. We also went both flyering and streeting. We then finished our last hour of studies. It’s late now. The events of yesterday feel non-existent: that 14 left, that 14 arrived, that I’m now in the oldest third, that I’m training. It’s all so weird.

Friday, 3 August
Another 4-5 hours of studies this morning. (I’m fine with it. I’ve always like studies more than 90% of other missionaries). We had one cancellation today followed by several hours of streeting. We were able to get two finds. Csaladi Est was tonight, and would have been the first branch activity for Elder Alldredge and Elder Haws (Elder Bullocks greenie); however, no one showed up. My miracle today is my Mission Son, Elder Alldredge. It’s time to finally write about him. He’s from American Fork; has two younger sisters; attended SUU studying psychology; he has a degree/certificate or something in Neural Linguistics which made him the youngest certified Hypnotist in the nation. He’s traveled around Europe before. His grandmother, Mrs. Alldredge was my First Grade Teacher at Northridge. He did all kinds of hypnotist performances, had nine assistants. Other than that he’s already started blaring EFY music. (I think it’s hilarious whenever I see him fulfill a typical Greenie stereotype.) He has greenie fire and lots of desire. He says “Hello” to everyone we pass on the street. In all, Elder Alldredge is awesome and I look forward to serving with him this transfer.

Saturday, 4 August
Elder Bullock and I met with a less active member named D. We focused on trying to commit him to come to church. We then went streeting for a while and ended our day with Fiatal Est and more streeting as no one came to the activity (like yesterday). If you noticed, today was me and Elder Bullock (as written above). My miracle is that we sent Elders Haws and Alldredge on splits from 12-8:00. During that time they were able to obtain 4 phone numbers and give out two Books of Mormon. Not bad at all. Also, I called and have already set up a program with one of the four numbers they received.

Sunday, 5 August
Today was Fast Sunday, and D came to Sacrament Meeting. The Stake President and his family came and he spoke at the end of Fast and Testimony Meeting. Elder Alldredge and I planned for this coming week. All four of us had dinner with A, the Ss, and the Ks to break our fasts. I’m pretty sure those are two of the biggest families in all of Hungary. Tomorrow is Elder Haw’s and Elder Alldredge’s first P-Day in the country. They’re both pretty excited about it. My miracle today is that happiness and enthusiasm can be contagious. Elder Alldredge’s excitement and high hopes for some things has made it easier for me to be more positive about them. Having a good attitude not only blesses your life, it blesses others as well.


Shipp Elder

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6 August 2012 Pictures (Szombathely)

The four of us in our District

Fisherman's Bastion

Me and a suit of armor I wish I was in!

My new companion, Elder Alldredge