Thursday, October 4, 2012

1 October 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Monday, 24 September
My miracle today is that yesterday was the dedication of the Brigham City Temple.  In the evening we went to Family Home Evening with the T family.

Tuesday, 25 September
Today we went tabling and were met with a fair amount of success, having five people who were interested approach us.  We dropped off some items at a member’s house, and then went tracting.  In the evening we had Angolora.  We’ve started having more and more moral discussions.  My miracle today is the Atonement, because nothing is more of a miracle than that.

Wednesday, 26 September
All four of us here in Szombathely met with a member today.  We also went Home Teaching with C again, set up a meeting with a new less-active (new in the sense that no one’s met with her in almost a year), and took my suit to the dry cleaners (it’s much needed).  My miracle today is that I have had way more feeding programs here in Szombathely than anywhere else.  (Nyiregyhaza is the only one that even comes close and only because of M.)

Thursday, 27 September
Today I was on splits with Elder Jones.  This morning I prepared my training for tomorrow’s District Meeting.  We met with K, but our program was limited to 45 minutes, so we didn’t get in the lesson we wanted on the Plan of Salvation.  We also met with B and talked about Obedience.  We were fed at both programs.

Friday, 28 September
This morning we had our District Meeting.  I gave a training on Sacrifice.  Elder Nabrotzky and I went tabling after and biked back out to Tesco so I could return some things and pick up my dry cleaning.  In the evening we played ping-pong for Csaladi Est.  My miracle today was a fun musical number in our District Meeting in which Elder Alldredge played his ukulele and sang “A Child’s Prayer.”

Saturday, 29 September (2/3 done with Mission)
Today we would’ve gone to Zalaegerszeg, but both of our programs cancelled and the one other potential didn’t pick up.  So, we did more tabling today.  In the evening we played Ultimate and Soccer for Fiatal Est.  My miracle today is that I finally got a hold of an inactive member who is willing to meet this next week.

Sunday, 30 September
Today, during Sacrament Meeting, all four of us Missionaries sang.  We also received some of the Conference Flyers.  Something I forgot to write is that last Thursday night Elder Nabrotzky and I decided to spend this next week advertising General Conference as much as possible.  My miracle today is that although our numbers for this week were ridiculously low, I know that’s not what matters to the Lord.

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