Monday, September 24, 2012

24 September 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Monday, 17 September
Today I was the first one done emailing.  That’s pretty unusual.  All four of us spent a while cleaning our apartments, and then went to X’s for FHE and dinner.  The Meyers, a senior couple serving in the Freiburg temple, were there too.  (They were also at the Szvoboda’s last night).  We had a very, very American meal of sloppy joes, salad, root beer floats, and Oreos.  Today’s miracle is that although I know and can see so many imperfections in myself, I also know that one day each of those will be made perfect.

Tuesday, 18 September
We had Zone Training today.  Finding hours has been reinstated.  President Smith came and gave a presentation on the growth of the Church, and our Zone Leaders gave training on goals.  We had one cancellation, by a member again.  Our only program was Angolora.  No one came to Kezdo today, but there were eight in Profi and Halado.  My miracle of the day is from Bishop Rife: it is a spiritual reasoning that our God is a happy God.

Wednesday, 19 September
One cancellation today.  Went streeting and tracting with mild success.  We dropped by J’s and S’s to see if we could offer our help with anything.  They answered no and revealed that they’re not really interested.  However, a miracle today was that on the way out we saw their neighbors and talked with them.  They are Mongolian siblings, brother and sister, and were willing to listen and ask several questions about us.  The sister accepted a Book of Mormon, committed to read out of it, and we set up a program for next week.  My hidden or additional miracle today is that while we were streeting and tracting, I had the opportunity to talk to and get to know my companion, Elder Nabrotzky, better.

Thursday, 20 September
More streeting and tracting today.  Unfortunately no success.  Met with A and B today, and talked to them about Family History/Genealogy Work and conversion, respectively.  Elder Clavel is here right now, and Elder Nabrotzky’s in Papa for splits.  My miracle today is that I still haven’t missed a day on my mission with my journal writing.

Friday, 21 September
Today we were on splits with the ZL’s.  Elder Clavel and I went tracting.  Also, I spent a good amount of time practicing the piano as I was asked to play 10 hymns for a good portion of the Branch.  We met with a new investigator, Z, today (half-English program).  Our expectations don’t quite line up, and we can only hope that he’ll become interested in the gospel part.  I bought a second whip today.  My miracle is being able to play 70+ hymns.

Saturday, 22 September
I saw some deer today.  They’re pretty unusual here, so that’s today’s miracle.  We went up to Sopron today.  Elder Abrok and I had two programs and I interviewed one of their bapt dates.  She passed!  Trains stick on weekends since over half of them don’t run.  When we got back to Szombathely, we were taken out to dinner by President and Sister Smith.  They also brought the rest of my winter stuff up from Buda.

Sunday, 23 September
Today was a combined District Conference between Szombathely, Sopron, and Papa.  Despite our best efforts, none of our investigators came.  In the evening we had dinner with the K family.

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