Monday, October 15, 2012

15 October 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Tuesday, 9 October
It was cold today.  Today Elder Nabrotzky and I tried something new: “For the Strength of Youth” tabling.  No one was interested and we only got a bunch of strange looks.  We joked about making a “Chastity and Virtue” display to really shock the Hungarians.  Today we cleaned our apartment, and in the evening we made a few silly videos; and I had the stereotypical miracle of not being able to find something, praying, and then finding it.  With my camera, I have two memory cards.  The spare I had kept next to my camera in the case.  This afternoon, it was not there.  Upon finding it in the evening within two minutes of praying for help, I was able to figure out what had happened.  While we were tabling, I wanted to get a picture of the display.  As I pulled my camera out, the card slid out with it onto the ground.  The only reason I still have that card, part of the miracle, is that out of all the places it could have fallen, it fell into the box of Books of Mormon we had on the ground.  Anywhere else it would’ve been left in the Foter.  The fact that it fell into the box and that I found it after praying, were tender mercies in my eyes.

Wednesday, 10 October
It was cold again and rained today.  Luckily, this morning our landlord came and turned on the heater.  We had three programs today.  First was with K.  We read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” with her and talked about eternal families.  We also gave her “The Living Christ” to read before next time.  Our second program was with Z.  It was half English-half gospel, and we talked about Alma 32 and faith.  Our third program was with A.  All four of us Missionaries were there.  We talked about the afterlife.  My miracle today is my Dad.  In addition to being my Father, he is a great provider, mentor, and example.  He has done a great job in teaching me and my siblings.  We’ve always held him in high respect as the head of our household, and he has met that responsibility well.  He has always been someone I could look up to.  And most importantly, he has loved my mother well.  I love him!

Thursday, 11 October
Elder Nabrotzky and I had three programs today.  The first was with B and D.  At the end we talked about the Book of Mormon and challenged them to come to church.  Our second program actually called and set up with us.  Upon meeting, we realized he was also meeting with the other companionship, which made it a little awkward at first.  However we talked about the love of God, the tender mercies of the Lord, and the blessings in our lives.  At the end, he also committed to come to church as well as to pray every night during the next week.  Our last program was with B.  We talked about her mother for a while and ended with a lesson similar to L’s (our second program), and we talked about our blessings.

Friday, 12 October
Today, we had hardly any downtime.  We left our apartment by 6:30a (having got up around 5:30a), and didn’t return until 10:20p.  Today started with Zone Training in Gyor.  The Assistants gave a training on Unity.  Following the AP’s, the Zone Leaders gave trainings on Commitment and Baptism.  Upon getting back we went over to a member’s house and spent the next 5 ½-6 hours helping him move.  For the most part it was the four of us and Z, with C joining in during the second half.  While travelling, Elder Jones’ bike pedal broke off and Elder Masters found a funny way to continue to ride it.  My miracle is that I had a rather trivial choice between something right and something wrong.  While it likely would’ve had hardly any large consequences despite whatever choice I might’ve made, things happened that caused it to be postponed until it was much easier and I had already decided on what to do.  I wish any temptation could just be postponed until a spiritual high, and then come when it’s not even a challenge.  Also, on a final note, I started toying with an idea today of a spiritual thought: “The Angels in Our Lives.”

Saturday, 13 October
We went streeting, worked on the Area Book and made several calls today.  During Fiatal Est we were able to get Elder Nabrotzky to sing some Patriotic songs.  My miracle today is that, in the past, we found someone who only speaks Chinese and very, very little English, and today we were able to give her a Chinese Book of Mormon.

Sunday, 14 October
Today was Fast Sunday.  I’m still playing the organ every week in Priesthood, and today I played for Sacrament Meeting as well.  After church we had lunch with a member.  My evening was ridiculously stressful.  I spent over an hour and a half in phone calls: calling the Zone Leaders eight separate times, the Assistants, President Smith three times, and the Elders in Sopron over ten times.  I finished with (and still have) a killer headache.  We were trying to fit two splits, a District Meeting, a trip to Zalaegerszeg, one to Papa, and another to Sopron for a baptismal interview, all into less than a 36-hour block.  In the end, and to my relief, we cancelled both splits and the trip to Papa.  My miracles are that we had s’mores today, and both pairs of my shoes are still in good shape.

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