Monday, September 17, 2012

17 September 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Monday, 10 September
Transfer calls came today and surprised all of us.  I am the last man standing in Szombathely.  The other three Elders are all leaving.  Elder Alldredge is going to Sopron with Elder Abrok, Elder Bullock is going to Gyor, and Elder Haws to Buda.  Because Elder Alldredge will be in Sopron, he will still be in my District so I will see him each week at District Meeting and be able to go on splits with him.  On the arriving side, I will be receiving Elder Nabrotzky.  He is Elder Reese’s greenie who I mothered; is starting his 4th transfer, and has only served in the Buda companionship which Elder Reese and I opened.  Elder Masters and Elder Jones will be whitewashing the other companionship.  Also, Elder Carlsen became the new assistant.

In the evening we had a program with K and ate sandwiches.  K’s cat took a leak on Elder Alldredge’s backpack causing it to reek.  My miracle today is Elder Alldredge.  It was great to get to serve with him.  While I’m sad we won’t get a second transfer together, I am glad he’s still in my district and I’ll get to see what happens to him and how he likes serving with a Hungarian.

Tuesday, 11 September
This morning I gave Elder Alldredge plenty of time to pack.  We went and found some good ant-killer to get rid of all the ones in our apartment.  We also met with A, talked about the Atonement, and finally started talking to B.  We hope to meet with her in the future.  We finished our day with Angolora, in which I read “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”  Transfers are tomorrow.  My miracle today is an experience from three years ago.

Wednesday, 12 September
Transfers were today.  We got up at 4:30 to make sure that we’d catch our train in time.  Hauling baggage (especially up and down stairs) is always so much fun.  Upon arriving in Budapest, Elder Nabrotzky quickly joined us; and he, Elder Alldredge, Elder Haws, and I set off.  We first went and found Elder Alldredge a ukulele, which he plans on playing a lot this coming transfer.  I then took the three of them to Vaci utca and Fuvamter (the two main souvenir places in the country).  I bought a couple of things, including 3-Player Chess.  The four of us then went back to the Mission Home and saw most of the other Missionaries.  In the late afternoon we caught our train-ride back.  We made it back with only 10 minutes to run to Spar before it closed to buy some essential food.  My miracle today is that I’m in double digits: Transfer #10!  So fast…

Thursday, 13 September
Today was my first day with Elder Nabrotzky.  We went shopping this morning and met with the other Elders for about an hour so I could tell them about the Branch and the city and the work here.  Today I also got several programs in Z set up for tomorrow.  In the evening we had our only program with D, who Elder Nabrotzky and I both taught while in Buda.  He has attended Church a couple times, one baptism, still reads and prays weekly (not daily), and recognizes answers and promptings to his prayers.  One time he prayed due to loneliness and then felt like God was there.  My miracle for today is that when I asked him about the baptism, he said, “Woah!  This is a power that could destroy the world in a second,” as a way to describe his feelings.  He said he’ll call us again the next time he comes up to Szombathely to visit his parents.  It was fun to get to see him yet again.

Friday, 14 September
We went to Zala today with Z.  Our first program was with Z.  She read out of the Book of Mormon, but said that even after re-reading a few sections it was still sometimes hard to understand.  We talked about prayer and how she can pray for help before and after to understand what she reads.  She also asked about what differences there are between our Church and other churches.  So we read through all 13 Articles of Faith together, talking about each one.  The program went very, very well and at the end she committed to come to Church.  We then met with the A family.  They had met with Missionaries in the past.  Within the first three minutes the wife said they are willing to talk and visit with us, but, as they have told Missionaries in the past, they have no interest in being baptized or in joining the Church.  The husband seemed like he would’ve been a lot more open if the wife wasn’t there.  In the end we only shared a spiritual thought before leaving.  After their family we met with Z.  We assisted Z in sharing a Home Teaching message.  I also anointed Z, and Z gave him a blessing at the end of our program.  Today’s miracle is that we barely caught the train.  The ticket checker saw us running out of the station and across the platforms and waited just after we got on before shutting the door.  If we had missed it, we wouldn’t have gotten back until 11:30.  Also, two other notes: Elder Nabrotzky had some very funny mistakes while trying to speak Hunglish today; and I learned I have the same birthday as Z.

Saturday 15 September (15 Months on Mission)
District Meeting was this morning.  We have a District that’s good at singing, and I finally found someone out here that can sing lower than I.  During the meeting, I led a training on the Book of Mormon.  It was fun to already see and talk to Elder Alldredge again.  We met with K.  Her husband was there this time and we had lunch again.  She once again started saying there weren’t any differences between our two religions, so, like with Z, we started reading the Articles of Faith.  Now she admits there are differences, just not important ones according to her.  Unfortunately, she didn’t read the Book of Mormon or the pamphlet we gave her, and rejected our invitation to come to Church.  After her program we had one cancellation and one dog, both by members.  In the evening Z called and said she can’t come tomorrow, but will come next week for sure.  At Fiatal Est we played American Football and Capture the Flag.  My miracle today is that it is time to write about my companion, Elder Brandon Nabrotzky.  He is from Ontario, Canada, is half French, and also of some Polish decent (“Nabrotzky” is a Polish name).  He’s in his fourth transfer, having served his first three in Buda.  He is the oldest of six children, having three younger brothers and two sisters.  He’s studied German, French, the clarinet, flute, and piano; and wants to be a music or language teacher in the future.  I’m tired and that’s about all I can think of for now.

Sunday, 16 September
Today two of the less-actives I contacted in Zalaegerszeg came to Church.  The secretaries asked me to collect addresses and contact information for 9 members, which was crazy to try to receive before any of them left after Church.  Today’s miracle is that I was able to take the Sacrament.

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