Saturday, June 15, 2013

15 June 2013 Letter (Budapest)

Monday, 10 June (10 Days Left)
Well, in ten days I’ll be home.  I can’t remember too much about today.  Because the Carpenter’s were gone for a while in the afternoon, we wound up stuck in the office.  We had a Staff Meeting this morning.  In the evening once we made it out, we finished calling everyone in our Area Book.  Despite our companionship being open five times longer than Szolnok, we had less than half as many numbers.  I am now half-way done re-reading my journals.  My miracle is that today Heather left for Africa, to spend the next two and a half weeks in Kenya.  I’ll beat her home now.  It will be interesting to hear what experiences she has. 

Tuesday, 11 June
Each day now brings me closer and closer to the end of my mission.  Our monthly Book of Mormon shipment of 610 copies arrived this morning, so we got to haul them all downstairs.  It was my last Zone Conference today.  President Smith gave a training on obedience, followed by Sister Smith on enduring to the end.  The Assistants talked about desire, and Sister Hardy focused on companionship exchanges.  The Zone Leaders had the last training on commitments.  At the end of the conference, Elder Swett and I gave our departing testimonies.  It was surprising intimidating!  Well, so much for my mission transforming me into a fearlessly confident lion.  We learned today that a sister from Kecskemet recently opened her mission call and has been called to serve…Magyarországon!  Looks like we’ll soon have a Hungarian Elder and Sister.  Today I translated a page long legal document President Smith received.  Legal talk is hard enough to understand in English.  In Hungarian it’s near impossible.  We didn’t have any time to teach or proselyte today.  Elder Loveday finished making cinnamon rolls in the evening.  My miracle today is that I have very little left that I need to do before the end of my mission.
Wednesday, 12 June
Two dogs today.  Today was also Zone Conference for two of the other four zones.  It was my last chance to see many of the missionaries from the southern areas.  We met with S today.  A came with us to help, which he definitely did.  We focused the discussion on the Restoration and the Holy Ghost.  A appeared to be able to get through to him in parts where we couldn’t seem to connect.  We spent the rest of our day translating and helping around the office.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have any time to proselyte today.  My miracle is the progress I’ve made with the language, even in the office, despite not being able to use it as much as when I was in the field.
Thursday, 13 June
One cancellation today due to E becoming sick again.  In the morning we had apartment inspections.  Due to the Carpenter’s and Smith’s being gone, we were stuck in the office all day.  We met with I and M.  R came to our program.  We mostly talked about temples and the Holy Ghost.  After their program was my last Angolora class.  The class was once again smaller, with only eleven attending compared to the twenty-seven at the start of the transfer.  In the late evening, we received a call from President Smith.  He let us know that Elder Magda has been called to take my place as the new secretary.  The miracle of the day is that I have one week left and each day will be different with significant steps in each:  Friday – Elder Magda arrives;  Saturday – last preparation day;  Sunday – final time attending church in Hungary;  Monday – main training day;  Tuesday – Transfer call day;  Wednesday – last day!

Friday, 14 June
With the third and final Zone Conference being today, with everyone else from the office attending it, Elder Loveday and I were left to hold down the fort.  We met with another S today (the one from several weeks ago who said God had “washed his hands” with us).  Our meeting with him today went significantly better than last time, concluding, after a lesson on obedience and commandments, with S saying he would join the Church if it were not for one thing: the temples.  He insisted that he cannot accept how secretive the temples are or how we perform ordinances for the dead; claiming it is undoctrinal and that Christ always taught openly and not in secret.  I don’t agree with either of those statements, but currently S is convinced about them.        

Well, this is my last preparation day, my two year mark, and my mission concludes on Thursday.  I hope that all you readers have enjoyed the entries and have been somehow enlightened or uplifted from them.  I’ve loved my mission and am so glad that I have had this chance to serve the people of Hungary as well as the Lord.  I’m sad to bring an end to my service as a full-time missionary, but am excited to come home and see many of you again!  Thanks for reading!
                                                                                                                          -Shipp Elder

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