Saturday, June 1, 2013

1 June 2013 Letter (Budapest)

Saturday, 25 May
We spent this Preparation Day with the Assistants.  After the four of us emailed we all left for Esztergom.  Esztergom is a cathedral-castle (it’s positioned up on a hill and surrounded by a wall, and used to be an enormous castle a couple centuries ago).  It’s currently the largest Cathedral in Hungary.  Afterwards we took further advantage of the AP’s car and went shopping with them at Auchin.  In the evening the four of us joined the crowd attending the Walker family concert.  There were a lot of people there.  With the Walkers, today was probably the day I’ve seen the most blonds in one place since leaving the MTC. 

Sunday, 26 May
At Church today, only E attended out of our investigators.  I’m still praying that L’s wife will recover so she can come to church, be taught the lessons, and be baptized.  The would-have-been Sunday School teacher didn’t show up, so the Assistants winged an impromptu Sunday School lesson.  After church, Elder Loveday and I went tabling for several hours.  However, very few people were outside and even fewer were receptive.  We haven’t had a very successful week missionary-work-wise.  My miracle reflection is that while our missionary work isn’t increasing currently, I’m gratefully glad that my piano and cooking skills have improved over my mission.

Monday, 27 May
Today was a Hivatal Day.  This morning we took Sister Grigg and Sister Maxfield to submit the applications for their residency cards.  It was my second to last trip, my last being next Thursday to retake some pictures and fingerprinting.  In addition to the Hivatal, we’ve had a bunch of workers in the Mission Office and YSA level cleaning everything and we got kicked out of the office for a couple hours.  We met with E today.  R was there.  We talked about Christ-like Attributes and service.  The program went great and E’s bringing all her relatives to her baptism as well as set-up a program between us and one of her friends who she has already given a Book of Mormon to, and will be coming with her friend to meet with us on Thursday.  Awesome!  Our second program was with M.  He asked if we could watch the Restoration Film, then practically had his face glued to the screen the whole time.  In addition to watching the movie, we talked about faith and enduring to the end.  M is still reading and praying, and he asked us if it was still okay for him to be baptized in August.  Of course!  Things are going well with him. In the evening we devoted our time to calls and Area Book work.  My miracle today is that as I have continued reviewing my journals I am thankful for the memories.

Tuesday, 28 May
One dog today.  The cleaning of the Mission Home continued, moving down to the main floor and basement.  E had her baptismal interview today and finally decided who she would like to perform the ordinances.  She passed the interview of course, and asked that I be the one to baptize her, and for Elder Bebel to confirm her with the Bishop standing in.  In the late afternoon Elder Loveday and I went streeting and tracting for several hours.  While we were tracting, we got a call from Z who dropped us over the phone. 

Wednesday, 29 May
One cancellation today.  Our investigator became sick.  The workers finished cleaning the building today.  However, they moved stuff to clean and didn’t move any of it back, leaving behind a mess.  We got the camera to the front door fixed today.  We worked more on our Area Book today and made home-made pizzas in the evening with the Assistants using a 3-Kilo loaf of bread.  My miracle is excitement to meet with E and her friend tomorrow.

Thursday, 30 May
Two cancellations today.  It was pouring rain until the afternoon.  This morning we received a call and ran to the Mission Home early so I could stand as a witness to someone getting re-baptized.  We later met with E.  R was there.  We filled out her baptismal form with her.  Unfortunately, her friend was not able to come with her to meet today.  The next time we meet with E she will be a member.  Several missionaries were here for interviews today.  We also met with E and watched the Restoration Film.  She’s currently been having many family problems, especially with her husband.  Angolora was really small tonight.  I don’t know if it’s due to summer or the rain.  Today’s miracle is that in three weeks I’ll be home.

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