Monday, February 6, 2012

6 February 2012 Letter (Szekesfehervar)

Monday, 30 January
We finally met with K today for the first time in forever.  He still doesn't have a job, and has had more than one person say that the reason they didn't hire him is because he's in his fifties.  He's still really stressed about what he's going to do.  Our other program was with I.  In the past day and a half, he's read nearly 50 pages of the Book of Mormon; (more than any other of my investigators, except possibly Z in Nyiregyhaza).  His girlfriend and son also joined us for the hour and a half that we were there.  The two programs were my miracles today.

Tuesday, 31 January
Today, our only program was with L.  She still knows the doctrine and the gospel just as well as always.  I really wish there were more girls in Hungary like her.  In the afternoon, I went on splits with Elder Peterson so that we could go to the internet place and prepare as much as we could for the Book of Mormon Artshow.  My miracle today was that I tried my first Kinderegg.

Wednesday, 32 January (Nealy Day)
So last transfer, while Elder Nealy was here, he talked about how Martin Luther King and Columbus both got their own days, and asked why he couldn't have his own day.  The result was "January 32", also known as "Nealy Day".  We created an extra day just for him, and we all formalized him today.  (That was today's miracle).  With only one program at 4:00, with I and his family again, we spent the early afternoon streeting our way out to the large TESCO, to look for a table.  While they did not have a good table, I did pick up some Oreo Milka, and a pocket-size version of "RummyCube".  Still no luck locating "Ladybaby".  On the way back we stopped by the best Pekseg in all of Szekes.  Our lesson with I and A went well, and they said they'll come to the Buli on Friday and will definitely come to Church on Sunday, bringing their son and daughter as well.  Things are continuing to go great with them.  I read another 8-10 pages.  We finished our day with a long meeting.  Only one person showed up at Csaladi Est again.  I think it's past time to cancel it.  I'm tired.  Happy Nealy Day!

Thursday, 2 February
So, first off, it has been several weeks since we've met with F, so we swung by her apartment.  We had tried calling her multiple times during the past two weeks, but she hadn't answered.  Even when we knocked on her door, still nothing.  We have no idea what happened to her.  Later in the day, we went to put an advertisement in the newspaper and the person we talked to last time recognized us, and told us she still had our ad for Angolora (which she sure did, posted on her bulletin board), and that she and her daughter would be coming tonight (which they indeed did).  It was cool to see them both come and would be very nice if we built a good relationship with her and the marketing department.  We met with a new man from Angolora, L.  Due to his mother's passing-away when he was just eleven, he's always had a fear of death (he's thirty now).  Anyways, the Plan of Salvation and eternal families has been a great way to start.  Now, for three miracles, and two baptisms...R met with us today, and we set up a Baptismal Date in May (on the 12th), as her class finishes the end of April, and we told her we would like to wait until she can come to church again.  Her response was a stunning surprise.  She asked if she were to find a way to make it to church in Kispest, if it would be possible to move her baptismal date forward to March?  We very, very happily answered "yes".  It feels great to finally have a date for her to aim for.  The second baptism miracle is that on this past Saturday, Nyiregyhaza received a new member.  M was finally baptized.  Last of all, on the inside of one of the Dove wrappers my family sent me for Christmas was a quote that said, "Happiness is celebrating the little things."  It's been good for me to look for and record my daily miracles.  I've found it to be a way to help keep in mind those "things which matter most".

Friday, 3 February
This morning we met with a new investigator, T.  He's meeting for half English, half gospel, and it is hard to see yet where it will go.  We also met with B and G, both of which went well but not the best.  More planning probably could've helped.  Because they are two of the people we've met with the longest, I think we may have relaxed and slackened ourselves.  In the evening we hosted a movie and pizza night.  Half of what we were expecting, and a fourth of what we had hoped, showed up.  We won't be doing that again.  My miracle today was finding a way to use a broom handle and weight to make a good practice weapon.

Saturday, 4 February
It snowed all of today.  Something I forgot to write was that yesterday it was 15 degrees (F) and windy.  So, it's been cold.  We met with S this morning and finally began teaching him.  Every time I see him (multiple, 2-3 times a week), he expresses his great desire to be re-baptized.  I really am looking forward to teaching him more.  I believe it will be a great experience, and that he really is trying to do everything he can to repent and change.  After his program, Elder Molnar and I biked out in the snow for almost two hours to try to find a new table, but were unsuccessful.  In the evening, we taught Angolora.

Sunday, 5 February
Our only program dogged today, causing us to just barely miss "Standard".  Church was crazy long, five hours total, due to meetings before and after.  My miracle today was spending our lunch break going around the Belvaros taking pictures with the other Elders.  There really is a lot of history here.  That's all today.

Well, next time I email I'll have received the call for next transfer.  I think I'll stay and Elder Molnar will leave.  Rumors once again say otherwise.  We'll see what happens.

Sok Szeretettel,
Shipp Elder

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