Monday, February 13, 2012

13 February 2012 Letter (Szekesfehervar)

Monday, 6 February
Not much happened today.  One program called and cancelled.  With the other, we went to their apartment, but no one was home.  We did hook the DVD player and TV up to the speakers in the chapel and watched "Tarzan".  It was the first time that I've seen it in several years.  It was great to have surround sound, and like "Mulan", it made me realize how amazing and ingenious the Disney Classics really were.  Great music too.  "Tarzan" and "Hercules" have always had my favorite Disney Songs: “Son of Man" and "I Can Go the Distance".  Anyways, that was my miracle today.

Tuesday, 7 February
Our only planned lesson today was with S, which went well.  We also met with L's mother and her boyfriend, as well as K; both of which were more "spur of the moment".  The first was very short and we scheduled to meet again Thursday.  The second program was the first time we taught K by herself.  It was great.  She swung by the Branch House on her own to see if we were there and could talk.  She was able to ask more personal questions during the encounter which she normally couldn't ask in our Saturday meetings with the other girls.  It was the best program we've had in a while, and at the end she said she would probably be okay being baptized.  Her two concerns are that she would like to learn more first, and she's a little afraid to talk to her parents about it.  To quote Nephi, "I have joy and great hopes for [her]."  Last of all, it's still snowing.  K's progress and the lesson was my miracle.

Wednesday, 8 February
Only one dog today.  We met with T for the second time and this time he brought his friend, P.  P's really cool and seems interested in the gospel.  I'm excited to see how it goes.  Apartment inspections were today, and we passed with flying colors.  We spent a couple hours in the evening making the borders and captions for all the pictures for the art show.  Once again no one showed up to Csaladi Est, even after we had been asked not to cancel it...whatever...I think we'll cancel it anyways.  Getting P as a referral was a miracle.  Referrals are really rare out here.  It was cool to get him from another investigator.

Thursday, 9 February
This morning we got up early to ride our bikes through the snow to go visit the M family.  They said they weren't coming to church this Sunday because it would be too cold, and will only come next week if it's warmer.  After watching the John Tanner and John Moyle stories, it really seems like such a whimpier excuse that they can't come because it's cold (especially after we biked out in the snow).  Our lesson with S went relatively well.  We watched the Restoration video.  My only problem was that after the video, he talked for 5-10 minutes about how cool, amazing, and wonderful it would be if the Restoration Film was in 3-D ...(That's not the point)... Anyways, the next program cancelled.  We then met with K and N and continued answering their questions.  Both are continuing to read and pray daily.  Our last lesson was with L, who is still incredibly interested in the Plan of Salvation.  He's really opening up to us.  After Angolora we watched “The Testaments”.  Half a dozen investigators stayed to watch the film (over 500 Trillion times more than there have been people (investigators and members) at activities in the past 2-3 weeks, literally).  That was today's miracle.  After the film, L approached us, said he's like to tell us some things, said he'll come to church, and that he'd like to begin meeting twice a week, rather than just once.  P.S.  One last thing I've never written.  Some missionaries come back with an accent, however, there is absolutely no such thing as a Hungarian accent.

Friday, 10 February
We taught B the Plan of Salvation this morning.  The lesson was followed by a two-hour discussion with A and I.  Next time, we've invited T to help it go a bit smoother as well as quicker.  A program cancelled.  We met with L and conversed about our Heavenly Father's Love; then, the miracle, three people (members) showed up to Gyuli Buli.

Saturday, 11 February
Today we met with T and P a second time.  My miracle today was having P commit to attending Sacrament Meeting, as well as, getting two more referrals from T.  The one thing I'd like to help them with next time is prayer.  P said a truly beautiful closing prayer.  We met with K and N to teach them the third lesson.  It was fairly...’interesting’; at first as they told us they were going to go party from 5:00pm to 6:00am.  However, even with the situation, they'd still read, we had a great lesson on Faith, Repentance, and Baptism, and even committed K to come to Church.  While we couldn't get the two of them to promise not to drink, K promised to "drink less" so she'd still be able to come.  We ended our day with a "Poem Day" for Valentine's Day in Angolora that I organized and led, followed by an interesting meeting.

Sunday, 12 February
Transfers are tomorrow.  My guess is that Elder Molnar will leave, but I'm not sure.  We'll see tomorrow.  Today was another five hour day at church.  My miracle was that, despite having partied until 6:00am and getting only two hours of sleep and being slightly hung over, K kept her promise and came to our 9:00 Sacrament Meeting.  Elder Molnar and I were impressed.  Half the members of the Branch swarmed and welcomed her.  It was awesome!  Despite today being the warmest day this week and it being beautiful weather, and their concern/excuse having been the cold, the M family never came to church.  The last thing I have for today is that we met with A and I again, with T this time, and it went a lot smoother.

Sok Szeretettel,

Shipp Elder

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