Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 August 2011 Letter (MTC)

Hello again! Guess who this is? =D ME!!!

Wednesday, 27 July
Today was a great P-Day.  The temple was open today and Elder Swett and I had the opportunity to participate in sealings, which I've never done before.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It made me look forward to when I'll be able to be sealed with a family of my own, but for now, that is several years away.  (The next day, we found out that if we had come to the temple 5 minutes later, we would've been in the same sealing session as our teacher, Moody Nover.  That would've been funny to have us be sealed to her as our mother. =D) We also found out tonight that Stromberg Testver is going to be a dad.

We taught Gyula a very brief 15 minute lesson.  We mostly asked questions, working to find out how his testimony is growing.  At the conclusion we got him to repeat his commitment of working towards August 15th as a baptismal date.  Lastly, we received our Kicsi today: 4 Elders and 4 Sisters.  They are all social, with the two most outspoken being Johnson Nover and Forsyth Elder.  I look forward to getting to know them all better.  Lastly, I left my CTR ring in the computer lab, and it was missing soon after.  Hopefully I can find it soon.

Thursday, 28 July
Today was the second day with our Kicsi.  They are all great and we're all getting to know each other really fast.  Tonight we gave them the planning orientation and tour of the MTC.  This morning we had an amazing and spiritual lesson with Lilla, just discussing and talking about the basics and finding out how her beliefs and testimony have grown.  She still doesn't have a baptismal date, but each lesson we're obviously getting closer.  We also had TRC where we went shopping for clothes and met the clerk, Tibor.  We talked to him about the Savior, Restoration, and Book of Mormon, taught him to pray, and gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to read and pray about it.  Tomorrow is "Hungarian Only".  Hopefully it proves helpful and works out.  It will be fun to see how much we can communicate to the Kicsi with body language.  I also found out that I have a new cousin.  Corinne had a new baby girl; her name is "Ivy".  Sadly, I won't see her until she is almost 2.  That just adds another thing to look forward to. =D

Friday, 29 July
I'm not sure how to begin today's entry.  Things are moving along.  Today we tried our second time to go a full day only speaking Hungarian.  This time we were much more successful, and only stopped for a couple minutes to speak English when we had to read something and in a short interview with Barker Nover in the evening.  The Kicsi learned how to pray today, and are slowly understanding bits and pieces of our conversations.  Also, today Swett Elder and I found the first thing about which we don't get along: 4-Square.  We're both competitive in sports and see each other as threats, so we're constantly killing each other in the games.

Saturday, 30 July
We taught Lilla today, beginning with Swett Elder and I singing "There is a Green Hill Far Away" in harmony, followed by a lesson on the atonement, emphasizing the Savior's sacrifice so that we can repent and be saved.  We asked her to think if there's anything in her life she feels guilty or bad about and testified that no matter what it may be, she can repent, and receive forgiveness.  I'm feeling progress in the language again.  I also filled my day to the brim with what I tried to make earnest, sincere prayers, during every open moment.  I'm striving to be more specific in what I ask for, always be full of thanksgiving, and always remember the Savior.  I'm also trying to give time to hear and feel the Spirit and make prayers a 2-way conversation, not a monotone order for blessing, paying with a couple lines of thanks.

Sunday, 31 July
Tonight at the Fireside, the hymns and topic focused on "Love", and the speaker, Robert P Swensen, spoke of Love and Charity being infinite in potential, and that we should not "attempt" to hold any back to try to "save" it for something else.  That is not how love works.  We need to exercise and express our love so it will grow.  Also, we should remember that the greatest commandment is to "Love the Lord, thy God" with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength."  And the second is to "Love thy neighbor as thyself."  With being surrounded by children of our Heavenly Father, there are endless opportunities to love. 

Finally, we got pictures with our Kicsi at the temple today.  I also got pictures with Elders Ethan Shipp, and Wilson Ormsby, as they both are departing early tomorrow morning.

Monday, 1 August
It's August! I leave later this month to Hungary!  During lunch we had an unexpected guest come sit with us.  President Brown joined and talked with us for nearly 20 minutes.  It was very interesting and enjoyable to get to talk with him in a setting like that.  He has an amazing memory.  Upon sitting down, he was able to remember where all 8 of our Kicsi were from.  He also knew all of our Branch Presidency and talked to us about them.  We had to leave him at the end, excusing ourselves, as we were already 5 minutes late to class.

Lastly, we taught Gynla.  It was our first time teaching the Word of Wisdom, yet the language and the lesson just flowed.  He has a problem with every part of it, but was very humble and committed to try to change all of it.  The only thing I see him having a really hard time with is smoking, but the Lord can do many wonderful things.  I’ll just do my best to do my part, and let the Lord do the rest.

Tuesday, 2 August
We taught Lilla on the final part of the Plan of Salvation (which we’ve never taught before), and finally are close to pinning a specific date on her.  The Devotional was given by Gerald N. Lund, Emeritus Seventy and the author of “The Work and the Glory”.  He gave a great talk on Faith, teaching how to exercise and learn from it.

I'm out of time.  Bye! =D

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