Wednesday, August 17, 2011

17 August 2011 Letter (MTC)

Wednesday, 10 August
My entry today is going to be brief.  We welcomed a new district of 10 Elders going to Tallahassee, Florida tonight.  They seem like a fun group.  We also taught Gyula today.  He's promised to give up smoking by Friday and to ask his wife to attend our lessons.  Hopefully we can baptize him before we leave.

Thursday, 11 August
Today I taught a 20 minute lesson solo and two 7 minute lessons by myself.  The lesson with Lilla (the 20 minute solo) went well.  I talked about the second half of the 10 Commandments, the Law of Chastity, and following the Law of the Land.  She's continued to read the Book of Mormon everyday and follow the Word of Wisdom.  She's progressing towards her baptismal date nicely.  Also, we had TRC tonight, during which we gave a good lesson on how to better receive revelation through reading the Book of Mormon.  We finished our evening with our last planning orientation and tour as Zone Leaders, along with half of our final set of interviews.  Also, today I memorized the first five paragraphs of my patriarchal blessing.

Friday, 12 August
Today was another "Hungarian Only" day.  We also taught two lessons today, the first to Hinjalka, Zoltan, and Aron, and the other to Gyula.  Both went well.  The lesson with Gyula was interesting because instead of reading Alma 30 & 31, like we asked him to, he read Alma 32, which we had prepared to read during the lesson.  So, I got to improvise.  Also, he's completely given up smoking, so we set a new baptismal date for the 27th, and also asked him to come see Edit's (a different companionship's investigator) baptism on the 20th. 

Saturday, 13 August
We taught Gyula today, reviewing the first part of the Plan of Salvation, and we also taught Hajnalka, Zoltan, and Aron on the atonement and baptism of Christ.  Earlier this morning I noticed that my prayers have partially died out.  I'm working to try to rebuild some of my good habits.  The last two things were the most unique ones for today.  Swett Elder rolled his ankle during gym.  Also, I have the first 10 paragraphs of my patriarchal blessing memorized.  

Sunday, 14 August
As always, I love Sundays.  Today was our last day as Zone Leaders.   I'm going to enjoy the extra time.  Priesthood Meeting was led by Brother Thompson on the Plan of Salvation, and President and Sister Gamette both spoke during Sacrament Meeting on Enduring to the End.  The Fireside was given by Richard I Heaton, who spoke on "Success".  This was the 2nd time I've heard him speak, and I enjoyed it.  Lastly, I'm almost done with my 3rd maze, Elder (Tyler) Stapleton leaves tomorrow for his German-speaking Alpine mission, and consecration week begins on Wednesday.

Monday, 15 August
Yet another "Hungarian Only" day completed.  We taught Lilla about the laws of tithing and fast offerings (to which she was open to the idea of fasting and fast offerings, but said she had a hard time with the idea of tithing, and would need a day to think about it), and we talked to Gyula about the second half of the Plan of Salvation.  The only other things I have for today are that the picture machine is finally fixed (hopefully I get my pictures by Wednesday), my third maze is complete, and I only have two paragraphs left until I'll have my entire patriarchal blessing memorized.  Lastly, something I forgot to include in yesterday's entry was during Sacrament Meeting, Elder Tialino (a Polynesian Elder going to serve in Tallahassee) passed the sacrament.  I loved the way he did it.  He handled the tray differently than I've ever seen in passed before, but it really looked like he "revered" or "respected" the sacrament, more so than any other way I've seen it passed before.  I really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 16 August
We taught Lilla this afternoon, checking up on how she's doing.  She said that since our last lesson, she has decided to pay tithing after she's been baptized.  A really good Devotional was given by David F Evans of the Seventy, who spoke on the role of Heavenly Father.  It was actually really surprising to realize how much he really does for each of us.

Out of time…

Love you!

-Shipp Elder

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