Saturday, May 11, 2013

11 May 2013 Letter (Budapest)

Saturday, 4 May
P-Day today.  Mother’s Day is next week so I’ll get to talk to them (meaning my family).  We spent some time today walking around Pest and WestEnd.  We also went up to the top of St. Istvan’s Basilica.  We did not get any kind of transfer call today which confirmed that we will be staying together.  My miracle today is that my computer is rolling along in the restoring process.

Sunday, 5 May
We had early morning choir practice today.  It was followed by Stake Conference which we sing in.  E and Z both came to the conference.  After the main session was a special session for investigators and recent converts which ended with a Q&A session with the Stake Presidency and President Smith.  Unfortunately, E is still sick and couldn’t come.  My miracle today is that E met several members.  Sister Fox and I did our best to introduce E to many of the leaders in the Pest Ward to better help the fellowshipping process begin.
Monday, 6 May
Busy day today.  I’m still significantly behind on my office work.  Most of today was taken up by trying to fix my computer.  I’ve finally begun to find all the problems from moving everything.  One program dogged today.  We met with E.  R came to the lesson.  We talked about the First Vision and gave her a copy of the Doctrine and Covenants.  Later we had our first program with S.  She’s from English Class and the program was half English.  During the other half we talked about the Book of Mormon.  In the evening I finished the Mission Newsletter and sent it out.  Then I spent the rest of the evening sorting and reconnecting programs.  I have a lot of work to do still.  Today the miracle is that I learned that Elder Headrick’s foot is continuing to do well, and I also learned that one missionary who returned early from his mission will be coming back tomorrow night with the two new missionaries.

Tuesday, 7 May
Today was a long day.  Throughout the day I discovered more tech problems.  Some I was able to fix.  Others, I wasn’t.  Transfer calls were made today.  While ours wasn’t a surprise, some of the others were.  The Nyíregyházá and Szombathely companionships I served in have both been converted to sister companionships.  Elder Anderson is the new Assistant, and Elder Alldredge has become our youngest Zone Leader by quite a margin.  Over half the Sisters in the mission changed cities, and many of the Elders did as well.  Soon I will be the oldest (or longest serving) missionary in the country.  Because of transfers, we have a much bigger workload this week.  Not having my computer for nearly two weeks has only increased it.  Our only program today was with I.  We taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation.  She has read into the ‘R’’s in “True to the Faith.”  We made several calls in the evening.  My miracle today is the Title of Liberty that my Mom sent me my last week in the MTC.  I’ve managed to get every missionary who served in the same cities as me to sign it.  It has become a very nice keep-sake.

Wednesday, 8 May
Transfers were today.  Another long and busy day.  It was weird to see everyone in the group ahead of me getting ready to head home.  It’s weird to think I’m in my last transfer.  The miracle of today is that I’ve noticed that my journal has been improving my grammar and handwriting.  It’s easier to read the most recent entries than the ones at the start of my first journal.  And I know it’s my journal helping because my journal is about the only writing I really do. 

Thursday, 9 May
Busy day today.  One program, and one member dogged.  We had six successful programs.  The first was with E.  R came to the program.  As always, E’s doing amazingly.  For the actual lesson, we discussed the Plan of Salvation.  We also learned that she read the entire Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price within two days!  She not only read it all, but filled up a large portion of a notebook with notes, questions, and impressions.  Awesome!  Moving on to the other five programs: we had our first program with T.  He’s from English Class, but the entire meeting was on the gospel.  From this first encounter, it would seem he’s mostly just curious about different religions.  Lesson #3 was with I.  We introduced her to the Stop Smoking Program and congratulated her on finishing “True to the Faith.”  After I was Z.  R came to help in her program as well.  Z had another rant in the program again.  We found out what stood out to her at Stake Conference.  She showed up a little late, so she got stuck further back and we didn’t get to talk with her there, but she was there!  She’s been reading from the Book of Mormon and committed to come to church this weekend.  After her program we met with I and L.  C came to the program.  We focused the discussion around the Book of Mormon and Agency.  Our last planned program of the day was English Class.  We had fewer students this week, but there were two new attendee’s, and they both agreed to meet with us.  So, my miracle today is three final notes.  The first is I’ve begun re-reading all my journal entries.  From reading my recordings from the MTC, I’ve noticed that my prayers have gotten worse lately, and that I’ve become less enthusiastic about them.  They’ve also gotten gradually shorter.  I’m glad I’ve noticed and can now begin turning it around.  Second, G, the Hungarian who we taught in the MTC while he was attending a football camp at BYU is currently meeting with Elder Rosen in Dunaujvaros.  Thirdly, I learned today that one of S’s aunts and two of his cousins that live in Nyíregyháza have all been baptized as members of the Church.  More of his family members have begun investigating as well.  Since Elder Nabrotzky took my place with Elder Reese here in Buda last year, he knows S and was here for his baptism.  Yesterday, Elder Nabortzky got transferred to Nyiregyhaza.  So, he will very enthusiastically get to help take part in the conversion process of S’s relatives.

Friday, 10 May
Two dogs today.  We had to travel to all of our programs today which took up a bit of time.  We had District Meeting today and set some new goals.  Later, we met with J, a new investigator from Angolora.  He has two eleven year-old twins and is open to the gospel.  My miracle today is that work never stops.

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