Saturday, April 20, 2013

20 April 2013 Letter (Budapest)

Saturday, 13 April
One cancellation today.  We practiced the song this morning with T.  Our Ward Correlation Meeting was cancelled.  We stayed and sang at the baptism.  Elder Miller came up from Szolnok for it, so I got to see Elder McCurdy as well.  After the baptism, we went on to our regular P-Day activities.  In the evening around sunset, Elder Loveday and I spent two hours walking around Buda Castle, the Lion Bridge, and Parliament as it grew dark.

Sunday, 14 April
First in today’s entry, I saw Sister Barker, one of my MTC teachers at church today.  She’s temporarily here in Hungary, and shared her testimony in Sacrament Meeting today.  It was fun to get to see her again.  It was also strange to have Fast Sunday half-way through the month.  E came to church today.  After the meetings we went with her and R to have a program at her home. Later we got studies.  In the evening Elder Alldredge and Bennett arrived for the Hivatal tomorrow.  I get to spend this evening and tomorrow morning around my mission son and grandson.  That’s pretty rare out here.  In fact, currently only Elder Swett and I have that possibility.

Monday, 15 April
I’m 21 now.  That feels old.  I didn’t really feel or notice the jump last year from 19 to 20, but for whatever reason I noticed this one.  This morning I made my second trip to the Hivatal.  I should only have two trips left.  Later I got to take care of customs and insurance forms.  Wheee.  Elder Loveday and I made it out streeting and organized the entire in-active list we received from the bishop and will probably begin looking them all up soon.  My miracle today was the kindness of many who remembered my birthday.  Many people, missionaries and members, called to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, 16 April
Well, it seems that A has vanished.  I haven’t been able to get a hold of her for several days now.  We met with G though.  We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and G committed to come to church, although probably not this weekend as this week and next week are finals week.  Later we just went streeting around parts of Buda, becoming more familiar with the city as we looked for people to teach.  My miracle today is Elder Shawn Michael Loveday.  He is from Boulder, Colorado.  He is also the seventh of eight children; loves sports, particularly baseball; did not attend a college or university before beginning his mission, but does plan on attending BYU-Idaho afterwards.  He would like to be a physical therapist, preferably in the military.  He is in his eleventh transfer.

Wednesday, 17 April
We had a busy morning today.  There were several missionaries entering and leaving the Mission Home for interviews.  Elder Loveday and I went to look up a man named F who said he’d be interested in meeting.  (He looked us up and called us).  Unfortunately, F was very short on time, but we set up a return appointment.  We had some time to go tabling later.  I learned today that the Szolnok Elders have been meeting with the older siblings who Elder McCurdy and I talked with.  Lastly, today’s miracle is that while going to F’s we had to travel quite a bit to get there, and one of the times we turned the wrong way.  However we streeted a very kind woman and her son, and they said they’d love to meet in the future.  If we hadn’t turned the wrong way, we would’ve completely missed them.

Thursday, 18 April
We had District Meeting this morning.  Afterwards we went and got Chinese food with R.  We finally met with P again and reviewed the second half of the Plan of Salvation.  His program was followed immediately by one with E.  We’ve begun re-teaching her the missionary lessons.  Today we reviewed the first part of the Restoration.  The size of our Angolora class in the evening increased from 17 last week to 26 today.  Five new students said they’d be willing to meet.  My miracle today is that I got a call from Elder McCurdy informing me that E would like for me to perform her baptism next Saturday.  I received permission to go and this will be the first time I’ll get to see anyone I’ve taught get baptized.  And I’ll not only get to watch, but perform the ordinance as well.

Friday, 19 April
Two cancellations today and no successful lessons.  It was another busy morning in the office.  I learned today from President Smith that I will indeed be concluding my Mission in the office, and will be returning home June 20th.  Because Elder Loveday and I had no programs, we were able to go streeting for several hours.  While out streeting we met two members from Kispest.  G called and said he needs to study for finals and cannot come to church this week, but will come the week after.  My miracle today is a new small obsession I’ve been developing concerning the Armor of God.

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