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18 March 2013 Letter (Szolnok)

Sunday, 10 March
At church today we had 43 in Sacrament Meeting, including A, E, Z, and a family of seven from Miskolc.  After Sacrament Meeting, all the Brethren brought in flowers to give to all the Sisters for Women’s Day.  After Church we went to have lunch with A.  We also talked about appearance and setting an example.  We then met Z and A.  After talking about Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life, we invited him again to come to Church.  A said he still has waterpolo matches every weekend. 

My miracle is that we had very little downtime today and quite a busy week.

Monday, 11 March
Today was a half P-Day.  This morning we got our hours of studies in, including the new Mission Challenge of reading Alma 26 every day.  We also made it shopping, emailing, and Elder McCurdy received a haircut from Sister Herd.  We then worked until the end of the day.  During our emailing time, my main focus was on class registration, as it opens on Thursday.  Since over half my time was on that, and it was only a half P-Day, I had little other time, and wrote very short emails. It looks like I’ll be going for a Math Major, and a double Minor in Actuarial Mathematics  and Statistics.  I feel very good with everything my Dad’s found and put together.  In the evening we went to G’s.  After a spiritual message we helped put together posters for this Saturday’s Relief Society activity. 

My miracle today is my Dad.  He did and is continuing to do a lot for me concerning class registration (in addition to everything else he does).  It’s great to have a caring and helpful Dad!  Thank goodness for his role in my life.

Tuesday, 12 March (100 Days Left!)
Two cancellations and two dogs today.  Blaugh.  Our first program was with A.  Z came to the program and we talked about covenants and ordinances.  Later we met with E in a program in which E helped us teach about Church organization.  Angolora went well in the evening.  E came and shared a 15 minute thought at the end about the Relief Society.  I found out tonight that Sister Behunin has a terrible ear infection.  Hopefully she’ll recover soon.  

My miracle of this day is that so far I’m two-for-two in reading Alma 26.  I was told that President Smith and the Assistants said this challenge is going to change our Mission.  We’ll see how that happens.  Only 9 hours until I get to read it yet again.  

Oh, one other note of the day: this afternoon we got a knock on our door.  I opened the front door wearing full suit, tie, and nametag to see two older Neni’s from Jehovah’s Witness.  They refused to take a Pass-Along Card (since it’s against their religion), but insisted I take one of their flyers before closing the door.  Maybe I should’ve offered to exchange phone numbers…

Wednesday, 13 March
Three dogs and one cancellation today.  We taught at the school today.  If I leave at the end of this transfer, then this will have been my last time there.  In the evening was Seminary.  Other parts of our day included studies and tabling in our nice 18° C  (~64° F) weather. 

My miracle today is that I’m proud of the work I’ve been doing with my journal.

Thursday, 14 March
One dog and one cancellation today.  Our first program was with I.  During the program he openly expressed that he is afraid to receive an answer to his thoughts and prayers.  He wants to attend the next baptismal service, whenever it will be.  We then went to Kecskemet for our District Meeting.  As they are switching Branch Houses we were able to use neither.  However, we did find room at the library.  The Kecskemet Sisters were unable to make it, being at the hospital instead to try to help Sister Behunin’s ear infection and to help her not cough up any more blood.  I gave a tri-training on baptism, chastisement, and humble prayers. Upon returning to Szolnok we met with M.  She approached us while we were tabling on Tuesday and said that she’s gone from church to church looking for the truth.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and set-up today’s program.  In the program today we taught the first half of the Restoration.  She had already read a couple parts from the Book of Mormon since we’d given it to her, but said it was hard to understand.  Yet, the program went marvelously, and she said she’ll try to come to church on Sunday and would like to continue meeting. We had to rush the end of M’s program and then run non-stop to barely catch our bus to Besenyszog where we met with B and Z.  We talked with the two of them about the laws and connections between blessings and obedience to the commandments.  They both said that they’ll be coming on Saturday and Sunday.  The weather today was quite crazy.  Within the past 24-32 hours, it’s dropped 20° C (~36° F) going from the 60’s to the 20’s.  It’s also been incredibly windy with the drastic temperature change, accompanied by a changing torrent of rain, to hail, to snow.  Tomorrow’s holiday will be interesting at this rate.

My miracle today is something I’ve been doing for a long while now, but never wrote about before (to my recollection at least).  I’ve been reading from the Book of Mormon, “Preach My Gospel,” the Missionary Handbook, and doing recitations daily.  I’ve also been making it through all of the Handbook every transfer since Szombathely.  It’s been a long time since I’ve missed any of them.  Also, I’ve begun re-watching all the sessions of the last General Conference in preparation for this coming one.  I’m sure it’ll be a good one.  It always is.

Friday, 15 March (Szabadsag Napja - Hungarian Independence Day; 21 month mark)
Opening miracle: today is the anniversary of a lot of things!  It was also an extended P-Day.  During our studies and meal breaks I watched two sessions of conference.  There would’ve been activities and programs in the town square today except there is now several inches of snow and it’s still snowing.  So, rather than packed, all the roads and parks are empty and abandoned.  So, we spent our time playing games with the Sisters and the Herd’s.
Saturday, 16 March
Today was a slower day.  It’s been really sunny and over half the snow has melted.  Two of our programs cancelled.  It’s quite saddening that in the course of this week we never met with A, J, E, either H, or T.  Today we did manage to meet with G.  We talked about the first half of the Plan of Salvation.  Afterwards was the Relief Society program.  It went really well and we had a lot of people there.  We finished our day with Area Book work and finishing my review of the last General Conference.

Sunday, 17 March (Saint Patrick’s Day)
All the missionaries and the Branch Presidency wore green today.  During church both E and Z were there.  A is with her family in Szekesfehervar.  Choir practice was after church.  In the evening we met with A.  E came to help as we talked about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and the Liahona. 

Today’s miracle is that during church today Eva bore a three minute testimony about the Book of Mormon, and later A bore his testimony for the first time in our program.

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