Monday, July 30, 2012

30 July 2012 Letter (Szombathely)

Dear Family,

Transfer calls came today.  I will be staying here in Szombathely and will be…!  Elder Headrick is going to serve in Pest; Elder Loveday is leaving to serve in Tatabanya, while Elder Bullock and I remain here and receive Greenies.  It is strange to think that I’ll be with a new Missionary by Wednesday.  It should be really fun though.  Another thing that is going on with transfers is that Elder Reese is going to be one of the two Assistants to President Smith.  The entire Mission is about to change.  On Thursday I will be in the oldest third of the Mission.  On to the blog posts:

Monday, 23 July
Today was an unproductive day, and I am very tired.  We spent a while walking around town trying to find souvenir shops, but weren’t terrifically successful.

Tuesday, 24 July (Pioneer Day)
Today’s Pioneer Day!  This morning we received two calls from people who received flyers about English lessons.  We also made several calls of our own out of the Area Book.  Among the contacting we did was a visit to the Library where we learned that it will be impossible to hold Angolora there.  I called the Carpenters to verify permission for us to rent a place.  We met with A and discussed our duty of Service.  Lastly, all four of us Missionaries had dinner and a short program with the Branch President and his wife.  My miracle today is the legacy, heritage, and testimonies the Pioneers left us.

Wednesday, 25 July
We started today with a dog.  That was followed by two hours of tracting in which we had someone threaten to call the police (first time in Szombathely), gave out two Books of Mormon, and found two women who were interested.  They talked with us for fifteen minutes, gave us their numbers and told us to return later.  We then met with an old investigator who mostly just enjoys learning about various religions.  Angolora would have been tonight, however not a single person came to mine or Elder Loveday’s classes.  My miracle today was that we got to talk to J.  While talking to him, we learned that he finally got permission to live in the US.  He leaves August 2 to move to Utah and finally rejoin his wife.

Thursday, 26 July
Well, today was interesting.  We were really busy, but got little accomplished.  This morning Elder Headrick and I met with a woman out of the Area Book (listed as an investigator) only to arrive and find out that she’s been a member since 1998.  Oops.  So we improvised and shared a spiritual thought and asked for referrals.  Lesson to be learned: keep better records, keep them organized, and know other members in the Branch better.  We didn’t have any other programs today so we spent 4 ½ hours tracting.  We got two let-ins.  Both were really nice and kind to us, the second one even fed us a little and gave Elder Headrick a small gift; however, they aren’t really interested in religion or God.  Afterwards we made more calls out of the Area Book.  My miracle is in remembrance of Elders Moffett, Molnar, and Vandermark – all of whom will be home a week from now!  Lastly, I chipped a tooth playing basketball this morning.  I guess that’s one more thing to look forward to in the resurrection.

Friday, 27 July (300 Days left)
Today I have 300 days left on my mission.  Also the Olympics started today in London.  I wish we had been able to watch the opening ceremony.  My miracle today is that we have a Heavenly Mother out there somewhere.  Families are an eternal principle.  Other than that we went to Zalaegerszeg again today.  We met with Z for the second time (who is progressing well) and watched the Restoration video.  We also had another program in Zala with J.  She was streeted back when the area was open.  However, while we did successfully meet with her, she is not at all interested in the gospel.  Zalaegerszeg is a small city, but has a beautiful Belvaros.  We finished our day with Csaladi Est.

Saturday, 28 July
Our only program today cancelled so we spent a couple hours tracting, but were unsuccessful.  In the evening we had a meeting followed by Fiatal Est.  I went whipping for the second time ever.  My miracle is that I found a place to buy peanut butter!  Lastly, I got a haircut.  And I must say, the metric system has stolen my hair.  While I know Hungarians use the metric system, all my companions and their razors have been American, and all my past haircuts have been a 2 on the sides, and a 3 on top (meaning 2/8” and 3/8”).  However, tonight I enlisted Elder Bullock’s help to buzz my hair.  At the same time I completely forgot that he and his Canadian razor use the metric, not imperial system.  So, when we tried a 2 and 3, it ended up being in millimeters not inches…so, I’m practically bald.  It’s nearly 1/3 of its normal shortest length, and I think my Dad might have more hair than me now.  Oh well.  It’ll grow back, and now I won’t have to cut it as often.

Sunday, 29 July
A good amount happened today.  We had two feeding programs with members.  The first was with X and her family.  The second was with S.  Both were really delicious and filling.  Elder Headrick and Elder Loveday each gave seven minute talks in Church today as we think they’re both leaving.  Transfer calls come tomorrow.  We think Elder Bullock and I will both train.  It’s pouring rain again.  My miracle today is that one of the S’s sons returned from the Alpine German Mission (the same one as Tyler and Houston).  While there he served as an Assistant, and then finished as a Trainer.  It was really fun to get to talk to him about it.

That’s all for today.  Email you all next week with my greenie!


Shipp Elder

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